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Humans have a natural affinity with light. People love to be in bright spaces. That’s no coincidence. Light naturally causes a physical reaction that makes your body produce more serotonin. The result is that you feel happier. Your brain even responds on a psychological level to sunny rooms as they fill you with optimism and energy. In fact, some scientists suggest that light helps you to concentrate better and improves creativity. What does all of this have to do with mirrors? Simply put, all mirrors have the power to increase the amount of light - both sunlight and indoor illumination - in your home.

At west elm, we understand that every home is different. We want you to have complete control of the light profile and style of each room. Mirrors are one way to accomplish that. At the same time, they create ambience, and luxury, simplicity and art are all part of the mix. If you are looking for some fresh ways to add a mirror to your bedroom, bathroom, living room or another space, we have a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

In the bedroom, mirrors are worth their weight in gold. For one thing, they make the room seem even more spacious. That’s very conducive to relaxation. Where can you place mirrors in the bedroom? Virtually anywhere. A floor mirror beside the foot of the bed reflects your beautiful bedding accents as you walk into the room. Another option is to place a mirror behind your nightstand. If you have a lush plant or lamp there, the reflective surface shows off all its splendor.

Mirrors often combine functionality and fashion in one. In the bedroom, having a mirror above a dresser, console table or vanity lets you double-check your appearance before heading out of the house in the morning. It also makes it easy to apply beauty treatments and take care of other spa-inspired pampering activities that help you relax. With so many different mirror shapes and frames, they’re also elegant decor that looks terrific on any wall.

In a dressing room or walk-in closet, having a floor mirror makes it easy to preview individual clothes items before settling on a specific outfit. You can see the way a skirt bounces as you move, notice how the light plays off of different materials and preview every aspect of your appearance.

In the bathroom, you can never have too many mirrors. They offer another space for careful application of makeup and getting your hairstyle just right. Lots of light makes the room feel especially clean and sleek. Mirrors with metallic contours are a luxurious way to bring the Victorian era into your home, complete with freestanding bath, finished wood accents and wall sconces.

Entryways and foyers are favorite spots for mirrors. If your entryway has a console table with a layered vignette - perhaps featuring a vase with flowers, candles, decorative objects or family pictures - you can prop a rectangular mirror above it to draw attention to the vibrant colors and shapes.

What about hallways? Mirrors work in conjunction with wall decor for a bold touch. One option is to place a vertical mirror directly opposite each work of art displayed. That way the entire hall is filled with interesting tones. Another benefit is that it makes the space seem wider.

In a dining room, a long horizontal mirror - or two or three smaller mirrors placed side-by-side - gives the room an elegant ambience. One gorgeous effect is that it reflects the light from a chandelier or pendant and distributes it throughout the room. It’s essentially the same thing as having two light fixtures across from each other. Golden lights have a touch of romance and a definite Tuscan atmosphere of family, friends and memorable food.

To think outside the box, sometimes you have to go outside - literally. Mirrors are just as much at home outdoors as inside the house. In an open-air patio, grid mirrors double as an extra window, reflecting soft and soothing natural light through sheer curtains. You can also enhance a breakfast nook with a chic mirror that gives you a beautiful view of the garden.

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