How to Hang Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a great way to help make the best use of your space. In an area where you may be a little short on floor space, such as an entryway, single hooks or a row of hooks allow you to effectively use your wall as storage, so you don’t have to rely on furniture or shelving. There are many different types of wall hooks available from west elm. If your intention is to hang coats and outerwear, you need a place for your keys or you need extra hooks to add adornments and decor to the room, we have a myriad of contemporary and modern styles that meld in well with any decor, while providing the usefulness you need. Hanging the hooks themselves is simple, using regular tools you already have in your toolbox, and installation only takes several minutes.

As you’re deciding on the type of wall hooks you want, one of the first things to consider is what you are using them for. A row of medium- to large-sized hooks is a good idea for heavy winter coats or jackets, while a row of smaller hooks might be a good idea for hanging keys or lanyards. Single hooks offer you the ability to design their placement yourself. For example, you may want to hang two hooks on your front-facing wall and two hooks on your side-facing wall instead of having four hooks in a row. If you need a fair amount of storage, shopping for a unit that includes both hooks and shelving is a great idea. The heavier the item you need to store, the stronger the hooks should be. Even with bracing, three heavy coats on one hook could easily pull the hook out of the wall, so for larger or heavier objects, choose larger hooks.

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s very much a personal choice, but a wall hook can add just as much decor as a mirror or print. Some metal hooks come in different colors, which is terrific for a bright entryway or child’s bedroom. A row of hooks with included shelving looks wonderful placed right above your entryway credenza, or below a large mirror in a main hallway. Playful styles, such as wishbone-shaped hooks or map-shaped hooks, bring style and charisma to a home office while small- and medium-sized rows of hooks work well in your kitchen for keys, notes and other needs for when you’re headed out the door.

All of our mutli-hooks, shelves and single hooks come with the hardware you need to hang the item. Simply keep a screwdriver or drill with a screwdriver bit handy to complete the installation. All products will come with a plastic bracing unit along with the screw(s). This is perhaps the most important part of the installation, as the bracing unit needs to be placed into the wall first. Most drywall or particle board is easy to work with, so either use a screwdriver and hand-screw a hole into the wall, or use a screwdriver drill bit to make the hole. Once you have the hole correctly sized, place the plastic bracket in the hole.

Next, all you need to do is secure the fastener or screw into the wall, and hang your hook, shelf or row of hooks. Every unit will be slightly different; however, when installing all of them, the general rule is plastic bracket, followed by screw.

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