Bring Out Bold, Bright Color with Multicolor Wall Art

A splash of color can go a long way toward making your living room, bedroom or any other space in the house shine. At west elm, you can find multicolor wall art to help you revamp your space or just add a little extra brilliance to your interior design.

Why Multicolor Wall Art?

You've got tons of options when it comes to wall art, so why go for multicolored styles? Here are a few reasons you should shop for bright wall art for your home:

  • Bright art adds a playful sense of style to your room. Neutrals are nice, but they need some color to really feel sophisticated.
  • Art helps bring other elements of your design together. Patterned rugs, pillows and more all benefit from a properly chosen piece of wall art.
  • Wall art adds definition to your space. Bare walls mean a real lack of texture, which means a space that's never going to look designer-inspired.

Wall Art Styles

You can find a wide range of multicolor wall art pieces to use in your home. Here are a few styles you can shop for today:

  • Prints and paintings. Look for abstract paintings, geometric prints and wall assemblages to make color part of your decor. You can find framed and ready-to-hang styles.
  • Print sets. Got a big space or a large, open wall? Look for framed print sets to provide a cohesive look for your living room, dining room, den or home office.
  • Wall sculptures. Stand out with multicolor wall art that pops off the walls. Easy to hang, you can have your home looking like a gallery space in no time with our wall sculptures.

Art matters and without it, your design can't shine. Shop west elm to find bright wall art, accessories and more to make your home a place you never want to leave.