Abstract prints are a great way to add splashes of color and interest to bare or drab walls. Adding color to a wall is also the easiest way to give new life to a room without having to do a lot of remodeling or heavy furniture moving. west elm offers its abstract prints in a variety of sizes. The pictures have two different options, which will vary depending on the shape of the print and the style. They can range from 16'' x 22'' up to 30'' x 40''. The medium of the art varies from paper and ink to canvas prints. You can find water blot style art or something as modern as a wood print.
The prints are all framed when you receive them. The frames can be wood or a black acrylic, depending on the type of print. With the wide selection of prints offered, it is easy to find something that fits both your style and color scheme. The prints are shipped directly from the printer after your order is placed, so each one is made to order. The process takes anywhere from one to two weeks before the product ships out to you. If you’re looking to add further color and excitement to your home, don’t forget to check out our pillows and accessories for more great options. Rugs and windows are another area that you can use to add color and warmth to your home. Make sure you have nice warm lighting to make your rooms inviting and comfortable also.