Abstract Prints

Art is amazingly expressive. It takes simple lines and figures and infuses them with life and emotion. Sculptures, photographs and canvases make spaces feel exciting and vibrant. They capture the attention of everyone from the moment they walk into your home. At west elm, we know that your favorite artwork also says a lot about you: your interests, your dreams and your inspirations. Personal expression is one of the most important purposes of decor. We want to provide you with an ample palette of abstract prints to choose from. How can you find what you’re looking for?

Sometimes you already have a pretty good idea of what you want or what fits in a particular space. Our abstract prints are distinctive and bold – each one differs quite a bit from the others – so choosing one that fits your home’s vibe isn’t difficult. If you’re not exactly sure or just want a few ideas, here are some tips for picking out prints.

If your design style is heavily influenced by a color theme, artwork contributes marvelously to the final arrangement. Look for prints that contain the tones you want. For example, in a living room with a black leather couch, ivory walls and red accents, a painting featuring those colors brings everything together harmoniously. You decide the proportions of each hue depending on which one you want to dominate. The possibilities for exciting color combinations is endless.

Another way to choose artwork is based on how it makes you feel. Art provides major ambience. Certain styles and shades create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Others have a bright and Mediterranean vibe. Abstract prints can even turn your living room into a formal gallery exposition. Bottom line: design your room with emotions. One thing to remember: everyone sees things from a different perspective, so feel free to go with your take on things.

Abstract art also introduces shapes and angles into a room. That can have a huge effect on your main pieces of furniture. If your dining table has lots of pronounced curves, using artwork with similar brushstrokes accentuates that awesome feature. This is especially helpful in minimalist decor where you’re trying to draw attention to simple shapes such as square, rectangular or circular pieces.

Most interior designers agree that artwork can operate totally independently from other decor. What does that mean? If you love a painting, you don’t need any other reason to hang it in your room. It doesn’t have to match any decorations, furniture or even color themes if you don’t want it to. It’s totally fashionable to showcase art just because it represents you or makes you happy.