Set the Table in Style With Ceramic Dinnerware Sets

When you want something timeless, durable and great-looking for your table, try ceramic. Ceramic comes in so many textures, colors and patterns, that it's easy to find a set that will suit your existing decor.

Benefits and Styles of Ceramic Dinnerware

Known for its durability, ceramic is long-lasting and stands up nicely to heat, making it dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It's also relatively lightweight compared to china.

Styles of ceramic dinnerware sets on offer at west elm are vast and varied: go fun and funky with a black-and-white polka-dot pattern, simple and versatile with a solid light blue finish, or upscale with a gilded set.

What Pieces are Included in Ceramic Dinnerware Sets?

Dinnerware sets are typically comprised of a set of four: a dinner plate, side plate, a bowl and a cup. How many sets you purchase depends on what you are using the dinnerware set for: everyday use or strictly for guests and dinner parties.

Ceramic dinnerware sets also make great gifts for those just starting out, new homeowners, or as a wedding gift as part of a registry.


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Timeless and versatile, ceramic is the perfect choice for dinnerware or for any meal. So, get rid of all those chipped and cracked pieces and shop west elm for a gorgeous new set of ceramic dinnerware.