Accent Your Floors With High Traffic Rugs

Think of how many times every day your family walks through the kitchen or family room. In these high traffic spaces, it might be hard to imagine a rug being able to withstand this foot traffic. However, high traffic rugs in this west elm collection are designed for these spaces, crafted of materials that can withstand foot traffic. Learn more about the colors, patterns and styles of high traffic rugs available at west elm.

Durable Designs

The rugs in this collection rely on several sturdy materials that enhance durability. Handwoven jute rugs feature a low pile and soft texture. Pure cotton rugs are equally soft but capable of withstanding daily foot traffic. Hand-knotted wool rugs are supremely sturdy. You can also find pure nylon rugs available in this collection. All of these styles are durable enough to sit under heavy furniture like your sofa as well.

Colors and Patterns

High traffic rugs come in an array of colors and patterns. For an understated touch, opt for a rug with a subtle pattern like thin stripes or checkerboard. Discover modern rugs featuring geometric or medallion patterns. Or, opt for an abstract style that blends various hues, seemingly creating a work of art on your floor. These rugs come in many colors, from neutrals like gray and taupe to vibrant patterns blending hues of blue, green red and more. When selecting a rug, consider the other colors in your room displayed on decorative accents like accent pillows.

Don't let foot traffic prevent you from purchasing a soft, comfortable rug for the home. Instead, opt for high traffic rugs from west elm to invest in a style that's as durable as it is stylish.