Find The Marble Top Table for You

A marble top table has an appeal like no other. These stylish tables blend a strong touch of luxury with exceptional beauty and longevity. Enjoy the natural veins of each individual piece. Yours is the only one of its kind in every instance with a marble top table. Available for your living room, bedroom, dining room or anywhere else you could use a high-shine surface that's cool to the touch, marble tables make a statement without getting in the way of other carefully-chosen furnishings.

Why Everyone Loves Marble

A marble top table is actually a seriously classic piece of furniture. Beyond the big looks of the art deco era, marble has made its way into furniture and home decor since ancient times. It's easy to understand why.

  • Marble furniture can last a lifetime as long as you care for it properly. It's unlikely to crack, fissure or chip and the finish is easy to clean; simply wipe down regularly.
  • You can create whole-home harmony easily with marble. Since the material lends itself to other design features around your home, like kitchen countertops or a fireplace mantel, selecting a marble top table brings a beloved material to the forefront.
  • The beauty of marble is hard to beat. With unique vein patterns in every slab and a cool, smooth surface that reflects light evenly, tables made of marble elevate every room.

Minimalism and Maximalism

If you like a high-low design style or if you're interested in experimenting with the signature looks of different home decor eras, a marble top table is a great choice. Choose furnishings with a variety of complementary finishes, like gleaming lacquer or brutalist wooden bases, to blend the minimalism of smooth marble with maxed-out design touches for balance.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Shop coffee tables and side tables made of marble to adorn your living room with appeal of marble. With such gorgeous choices, you can transform your living room in the time it takes to place your table in a well-trafficked spot, giving it all the attention it deserves.

  • Try a coffee table with an open frame for a base. This draws the eye toward the marble pattern and texture.
  • A side table lets you add this fabulous material to your home without having to move around too many other pieces. Look for C-shaped tables with a compact footprint or a pedestal table that can support a large vase or lamp.
  • In your bedroom, pair marble with traditional wooden nightstands that include drawers for all your personal items.

Marble in The Dining Room

A marble dining room table gives off an unmistakable elegance. Choose from cafe or bistro proportions to create a formal room, dining nook or to upgrade an alcove.