Modernize Your Home with a White Lacquer Table

Give your home a modern boost when you switch out your side tables and nightstands for a gleaming, clean white lacquer table. This bold, glamorous finish creates a sophisticated atmosphere in any room, whether it already contains white or not. Use the bright neutral and the gleam of lacquer to create bright spots in any kind of decor. You can't go wrong with the high shine and strength of lacquer furniture.

Lacquer Adds a Luxe Touch to Your Home

A white lacquer table is ultimately covetable because of the beauty it instantly lends your decor. There are plenty of reasons to love lacquer, so start sprinkling it amongst your furnishings and accents.

  • Lacquer is visually arresting. Its smooth surface, powerful reflective abilities and capacity to share the limelight with adjacent pieces of furniture sets it high on the list of surprise must-haves.
  • The high-shine finish protects your furniture. A white lacquer table has a thick coat over it that gives it such a shiny look. That coating also helps your furniture last longer by helping to protect it from dings, scratches or nicks.
  • These pieces couldn't be easier to clean, especially considering you're looking at white furniture. Dust them regularly and use a damp cloth or your favorite gentle surface cleaner to keep them in top shape.

What Furnishings Look Best in White Lacquer?

When you're considering white lacquer, look to tables. The expanse of surface space is exactly right to showcase the quality of the lacquer you've chosen.

  • Start with side tables. That way, you can work the look with subtlety at the ends of a couch, near a window or in an entryway.
  • You can try something as minimalist as a C-shaped table that slides into your decor at the edge of seating. Since lacquer is high-impact, just a few touches of it here and there can provide a nice change.
  • Coffee tables make a more dramatic point. You may want to use placemats or trays on the surface of these to keep them from showing rings from mugs or other discoloration. They're durable, but it's best to protect your selection.
  • A nightstand lets you enjoy a fun design statement in private quarters where you can soak in the beauty of the finish for yourself.

How to Decorate with White Lacquer

Surround lacquer with contrasting colors and textures to help warm it up. Wood details, botanical accents in planters, thick rugs and more help your white lacquer table look outstanding.