Enhance Your Floors with Wool Rugs

Give your floors the coverings they deserve with beautiful, soft wool rugs. Many homes feature wool rugs prominently across several rooms because of their durability, texture, ability to hold color and easy care. Since these rugs are usually woven, it's easy to find lots of interesting patterns to dress up a room, transition to a new aesthetic or enhance the look you already have. Shop wool rugs of all sizes to warm up wooden, tile or other types of floor in your home.

Why Everyone Loves Wool Rugs

There are many clear benefits to wool in your home. When shopping for rugs, keep this natural material at the forefront of your selection. Wool has been used in homes for centuries for many reasons.

  • This is one of the most resilient materials you can choose. It can handle lots of foot traffic from adults, kids or pets. With the right care, a wool rug is likely to outlast one that's manmade .
  • Wool fibers absorb colorful dyes evenly and thoroughly for colorfastness that lasts. Different colored threads can withstand years of use and care and still maintain a bright, saturated look .
  • It's naturally stain-resistant, so you can handle footprints, spills or other mishaps with grace and ease.

Creating Dramatic New Floor Looks

Treat yourself to a new look at home with a brand new rug. Many people use rugs to protect new or historic floors, soft woods or delicate tile. If you're waiting to redo older floors or you rent and want to give the space a personal touch, a rug is exactly the right solution.

  • Bring the drama with big patterns and colorblocking or a wide-scale zigzag that goes from edge to edge.
  • Lend texture to your floors with a basketweave look or tonal lattice pattern with asymmetrical interest.
  • Try classic and postmodern geometric patterns, like antique-inspired damasks or ikat-influenced styles.
  • Pull an all-new color into your room. Contrast a neutral couch or chair with a boldly-hued rug. Lay a dark rug in a room with light furnishings. Have fun with something new.
  • Increase the feel underfoot with shag wool rugs or a pebbled effect that feels like a mini-massage.

Complementing Your Furnishings


Selecting a rug is a really easy way to transform your home without having to invest in all new furniture. Discover which rug you love best and see if your taste still aligns with what you have. If you need to bridge the gap, look to table lamps, chandeliers, throw pillows or other home decor that helps you transition styles.