Richard Watson

Based in Brookline, Massachusetts, Brooke Richard and Laura Watson are dedicated to creating modern heirlooms that "balance both masculine and feminine qualities with a little unexpectedness," explains Laura. "Our guiding principles are to create purity and simplicity in form that allows proportions, details, materials and craftsmanship to shine through." Just for us, the small studio designed a solid wood highboy inspired by the original 18th century version. With ten staggered drawers, it's perfect for storing clothing and keepsakes.

"When we met in design school, we hoped to one day start a studio together."

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"After sketching, we make cardboard mock–ups to perfect the proportions."

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One of Richard Watson's original Highboys, on which the west elm piece is based.

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"Inspired by an 18th century classic, this piece can be used almost anywhere."

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