Make your way through the coldest of winter months with a cozy quilt or blanket. Whether you’re relaxing with your significant other and watching a little television, or you are preparing for a good night’s sleep, having the perfect quilt or coverlet is imperative to a restful evening. A quilt is also an important part of a bedroom’s look. While it is functional in nature and must be comfortable, having a quilt that matches the existing decor and complements the colors in the bedroom is a plus.

When deciding on what type of quilt to purchase to accompany your bedroom suite, comfort is of the most importance, so selecting the right material is paramount. For a quilt, cotton is the most popular choice. A very versatile and durable material, cotton bedding adds softness to a quilt or coverlet. It is also an easy material to work with, and many of the quilts available from west elm are hand-blocked for a realistic, authentic touch. Cotton is also a material that is very easy to clean and can stand up to repeated washing and drying cycles, adding to its longevity so you are able to enjoy the quilt for years. Other quilt materials include silk, which is very luxurious to the touch, and Belgian flax linen, a crisp, yet soft material that is ideal for quilt construction. Belgian flax is another versatile and soft material, and if you love the feel of the material, you are able to easily match a Belgian flax quilt with Belgian flax sheet sets. You are also able to match quilts and sheets with flax linen curtains for a complete finish to your bedding set.

Color is another important consideration when selecting a quilt. A quilt will most likely be on top of the bed during most of the months out of the year, so you want a color that works well with your furniture, decor, curtains and wall color. To brighten or cheer up a bedroom, choose a color that really pops, such as orange or yellow. Brighter colors can sometimes make the room feel more open and expansive. Neutral colors are also a solid choice to complement the colors of nearly any bedroom. Choose to search for bedding by color. For example, an entire page dedicated to gray bedding will not only allow you to choose the quilt you are looking for, but matching sheet sets, shams and bed skirts in gray color schemes. You are also able to look for neutrals in brown and beige hues. Pinks and pastels work well with gray or beige color schemes, but also work in a variety of other situations. For summer quilts, pastels and pinks add notes of warmth to a room, while light blues are able to add a hint of coolness during the fall and winter. Blue is another exceptional choice if you are opting for a marine or nautical theme.

If you do have a certain theme in mind, shopping by bedding collection is a good idea to see how colors work when used together. For example, the cool blue featured in the floral print bedroom collection allows you a solid, beautiful blue quilt, with floral shams and an organic sheet set. You are also able to browse between collections to pick and choose from each set, and mix and match certain ideas you may like for your bedroom. Patterns and stripes mixed with solids are also a great way to add decorative flair to a room. Match patterned quilts and bed sheets with solid curtains and drapes to add elegance and flair to the room. A matching patterned or solid bed skirt is often the final touch when completing your bedding.