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The way furniture looks has a major impact on any space, and that’s especially true in your bedroom. Things like artwork, mirrors and lighting are important too, of course, since they put your personal touch on things. Your bed and bedding, though, are usually the first thing you see when you walk into the room, and often what captures your attention the most. The colors and textures of bedding set the tone when it comes to ambience, from fresh and bright to calming and intimate. At west elm, we know that your bedroom is like a blank canvas where you can express yourself completely. We make it easy to find the styles you want for your dream room. What are some ways to decorate with bedding? Here are a few ideas.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are modern and luxurious. They’re also very practical. Think of a duvet as an entire bedding arrangement wrapped into one. Many people use a sheet underneath, but that’s totally optional. When it’s warm outside, feel free to sleep on top of your duvet cover for maximum comfort and freshness. During cold weather, you can snuggle underneath your duvet and stay toasty. Many duvet covers are made of Belgian flax linen or organic cotton, which are amazing because they’re incredibly breathable and soft.

Quilts + Coverlets

What about quilts? A quilt isn’t as thick as a duvet, so it’s great if you prefer a layered look in your bedroom. It’s fun to mix and match different colors and patterns to your liking. You have total creative freedom. Give your room a hint of India with bold hues, some Italian sophistication or Paris-inspired fashion. Both quilts and duvet covers have a lot of motifs, textures and stitches, so the main difference is just your personal preferences.

Bedding Looks

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to pairing quilts or duvet covers with sheets, decorative pillows and throws? Check out some of our designs to see the way certain things look together. Of course, your personal style can take bits and pieces that you like from different layouts and tie them together. Look for anything that gets you excited. Ask yourself why you like it. Is it a certain pattern, the way it makes you feel, or a color combination? It’s really easy to apply the same formula to other bedding and room decor.

Blankets + Throws

Throws add warmth to a room, both literally and decoratively. You automatically associate blankets with coziness and tenderness. It’s what you grab before heading out to the patio to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Play around with smooth and fluffy textures for tons of effect.