Pillows, Throws and Poufs

Whether you’re first outfitting a room or you’re redecorating after your current decor has overstayed its welcome, you likely pick every piece by hand. When it comes to decor, you’ve have selected the window treatments, rugs and wall art to complement each other, as well as the paint and trimmings. Once everything has been decided upon, and the room is nearly complete, it’s time to put the finishing touches on the room. Some of the last accessories you might add are pillows, throws and poufs. These items may seem a bit innocuous and subtle at the outset, but these little touches can turn neutral zones into focal points or add splashes of color to a room where it’s most needed. As useful as they are aesthetically pleasing, pillows and throws add comfort and cushion to you when you need it most or provide warmth to you during cooler weather or the harsh cold of winter. Shop us at west elm for all of your pillow and decor needs to polish off the modern and contemporary look you’ve created for your space.

There are many different types of pillows to consider as you begin to decorate the room. If you often like to change themes or motifs, it may be best to invest in pillow inserts so you can change the outdoor pillow covers as often as you like. This allows you the freedom to change colors with each passing season or to enliven the space for an upcoming holiday, such as Christmas or Independence Day. You’ll find inserts in all shapes and sizes, with corresponding covers to match.

Consider the material as you choose your pillow covers. For something soft and light against the skin, consider silk or velvet options. Available in an array of colors from wine to mustard, choose neutral colors to bring warmth to a space, blues and grays for coolness or bright colors for a cheerful theme. Beyond solids, there are a wealth of patterned pillow covers to choose from. Look for covers with soft pom-poms or abstract collage patterns that add a focal point to your sofa or chair. Consider other designs, such as polka dots, plaid or tile designs to add a touch of modern and industrial flair to your space.

Comfort is a key element of your purchase, so opt for lumbar pillows to add back support for long evenings watching movies or television, or side pillows to add just a little bit of support. If you’re decorating an outdoor space, look for pillows that are specially constructed for outdoor purposes. Made durable and strong to stand up to the elements, these pillows are as comfortable and intriguing as our indoor line, with many solid and patterned types to choose from.

When it comes to your throws, shop comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing styles, such as basket weave or yarn-dyed choices. You can add a throw anywhere that could use a spot of color or some enlivening, but many throws look best situated on the back of a sectional, love seat or couch. Match your throw with your pillow colors for a complementary look, or mix styles and colors for a contrasting, eclectic vibe. You can also mix and match patterns to add a focal point. Poufs are fun conversation pieces to add to your living space, home office or family room. Some poufs may be large enough to provide seating, such as a bean bag chair, while other ones work well as decoration or as a makeshift ottoman. They’re a neat little addition to your modern or contemporary decor, adding to your midcentury or modern look while providing seating or extra room to rest your feet.