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Take a layered approach to creating ambience in your home by combining the right decor with stylish accents. The decorative candles and diffusers from west elm are ideal for adding a warm glow and subtle fragrance to your home for the ultimate in form and function. Make a bold statement with an innovative scent, choose a smell that sets the right mood or rely on a classic fragrance to evoke memories or to create the right atmosphere for holidays and gatherings.

In addition to their inviting glow, candles in decorative holders add a pop of color and style to your space. Look for shimmering mercury glass holders for a festive touch that works equally well for holidays and everyday use. Shaped candleholders add a touch of charm. Add festive flair to your room with figurative candleholders shaped like fruit or animals. From woodland creatures to knit hats, we carry a wide variety of styles for a decorative touch on your side tables, console or buffet.

Consider the type of wax used to make the candles you’ll ultimately choose for your home. Many of our candles are made with soy wax, which is healthy for the environment as well as your family. Soy wax is a versatile wax, and it offers an allergy-friendly material because the wax burns evenly and cleanly with minimal soot and rich, pleasant aromas.

Our flameless candles offer an excellent alternative to traditional flames, putting your mind at ease especially when small children or pets are in the home. Modern flameless candles feature a wax exterior that looks and feels like a traditional candle, but the battery-operated LED light makes them safe for you to use anywhere, including outdoors. Warm LED bulbs mimic the glow of an open flame for an authentic look that adds the atmosphere you want without the safety concerns of an open flame.

If you don’t want the hassle of having to monitor the flame of a candle, but you still want to add lovely aroma to your home, consider one of our diffusers. These innovative accessories offer a thoroughly modern look and an innovative way to scent your room without lighting a candle. Our diffusers come in a range of scents, with sleek glass jars and rattan reed sticks that absorb the fragrant oil and subtly disperse it into the air, providing a constant scent to your room. Place a diffuser in your powder room for added freshness, in the entryway to greet your guests with an inviting smell or in any room that you want the fragrance of a candle without the flame. We also offer several diffusers in a set with coordinating candles to give you the best of both worlds.

Consider the level of brightness and the size of the candle while making your selections. Tealights offer a subtle twinkle, while votives and pillars have a more commanding presence. Group multiple sizes together on a beautiful tray for a glowing centerpiece or a decorative candlescape that’s worthy of your modern dining table or holiday display. For the least fuss, buy candles that come in a decorative jar so that all you have to do is place the candle in the desired area, light it and enjoy. Pillars, votives and tealights give you a bit more creative license. Choose a candleholder that works with the style and design of your room. Alternatively, flameless candles offer even more versatility. Use these anywhere you would use a traditional candle, or in windy outdoor areas where flames would be impractical.

When you’re shopping for candles and diffusers, consider the scent, form and flame before you make your final decision. We carry a large variety of styles to suit your decor and preferences perfectly. We also offer a range of lanterns and candleholders to give you even more options.

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