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6 Candle Decorating Ideas for Every Room

Candles are versatile decorative accessories suitable for any room in the home. Soft candlelight instantly adds ambiance to any gathering, whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or a backyard barbecue or simply relaxing with family after a long day. Plus, the scent of soothing candles can leave your home smelling fresh. Incorporate candles into different rooms of the home with these helpful tips.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of your home, where your family gathers to cook, chat and dine. Candles used in the kitchen should not compete with the delicious aromas of your favorite dishes. However, these candles can be used when you are not cooking, adding a subtle scent that fills the kitchen and the rest of the home. So, when you are decorating the kitchen with candles, opt for a scent that you love. Jarred candles are ideal because these styles come with lids, which allow you to contain the scent when the candle is not in use. Position these candles around the kitchen, perhaps in the corner of a counter, sitting on a windowsill or centered on the kitchen island.

2. Dining Room

Candles in the dining room can serve as a dramatic centerpiece. Plus, these candles add ambiance to more formal dining experiences in your home. An array of pillar candles in varying heights serve as the base of your dining room centerpiece. Place these candles in a long metal or wooden box that sits in the center of the table. Place the candles at staggered heights for added intrigue, positioning taller pillar candles next to shorter ones. Once you have filled the box with your candles, light them for a dramatic effect in your dining room.

3. Living Room

Incorporate candles in a number of ways into your living room design. A jar candle can add a decorative touch to a bookshelf when paired with books, photos and other accents. Long, tapered candles positioned in sturdy candlesticks can accent your mantle, flanking its ends. Or, add candlesticks to a sofa table to add some height. A decorative tray placed on a coffee table or end table gets dressed up with a trio of glass votives holding twinkling candles inside.

4. Bathroom

Your favorite spa probably features soft candlelight and fresh scents. Transform your bathroom into your own spot for relaxation and rejuvenation with the help of candles. An ordinary bathroom suddenly looks more welcoming with the addition of candles. Group several pillar candles together to create a display on your countertop or beside your bathtub. Place some directly on the counter and add height by adding pillar candle holders. Consider whether you prefer a scented candle for this space and choose an aroma you love. A diffuser that coordinates with your favorite candle can enhance the scent.

5. Bedroom

Dressers and nightstands are ideal spots to display favorite candles. Select hurricane vases to showcase pillar candles. You can find these candle holders in many styles, including mercury glass or metal. Lanterns are another creative way to display pillar candles. Place these candles and your selected holders beside other decorative accents, such as table lamps, picture frames and mementos.

6. Outdoors

Outdoor candles can serve multiple purposes. They can add ambiance as well as provide protection against unwanted bugs. Mix-and-match outdoor candle styles depending on your needs. Scatter tealight candles down the center of your outdoor dining table, adding soft lighting to evening gatherings. Opt for citronella candles if mosquitoes are a problem in your home. These candles come in a variety of styles, with many available in convenient and sturdy metal tins. Light them and let the scent deter mosquitoes from crashing your backyard barbecue. These candles also add a decorative touch to your outdoor tables and come in an array of colors and scents.

Candles come in a variety of styles, from classic tapered candlesticks to sturdy pillar candles and twinkling tealights. As a result, you can discover a variety of practical ways to incorporate candles into every room of your home. Whether they are serving as a centerpiece in the dining room or providing practical protection outdoors, candles are one of the home's most versatile accessories. So, consider adding candles to add soft lighting, welcoming aromas and style to your home.

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