5 Types of Decorative Objects for Every Style

Decorative objects help you apply the finishing touches to every room in your home, giving each space a finished, defined look. Whether you prefer upscale, elegant furnishings, laid-back beach vibes, or modern minimalism, decorative objects help you sell your look and go above and beyond when it comes to style.

Use these tips from west elm to add the finishing touches to your home, no matter your style.

1. Fine and Fancy

Elegant, sophisticated furnishings that could only be referred to as fancy are something a lot of people strive for. If you consider your ultimate style one of refinement and even over-the-top good taste, gold makes an excellent material to work with when it comes to decorative objects.

For surfaces, items like gold bowls, candle holders and bookends are an excellent choice. For larger spaces, decorative gold states (they don't have to be real gold) can make a major statement and bring your room together.

Look to match gold decorative objects to the hardware in your room if they're also gold.

2. Casual and Comfortable

Fancy isn't everybody's style and if you prefer a more casual vibe in your home, you can still find a place for decorative objects. Instead of gold though, consider more understated materials that blend with neutral style choices.

Natural wood materials like zebra can make exciting accessories, as can cherry or mahogany wood decorative boxes, lanterns and candle holders. If you prefer more color in your room, painted objects can be an ideal choice. Terracotta and painted clay planters can also work well in your space if you want to liven it up with live or faux plants and trees.

Look for pillows that feature gold stripes, beadwork or buttons to add three-dimensional depth on sofas, loveseats and chairs.

3. Modern and Minimal

Having a modern, minimal space is not about bare, empty rooms. While you might want to limit your decorative objects to just a few special ones in your room. Having something to entice the eye is important even in streamlined modern homes.

When it comes to materials, concrete, glass and plaster are excellent choices. Metals can also work for decorative objects, especially rough metals or silver styles like chrome and pewter. Abstract decorative objects for your coffee table, dining table, mantel or side tables can add visual interest to your room and blend in well with a crisp, clean style.

Textured items in neutral tones like pillows for your sofa can also warm up your seating area and make it more comfortable for you and your guests.

Cool and Coastal

Coastal style is popular all over the world and you don't have to be near the beach to want to feel like you live right on the water. To get this style, you need the right types of decorative objects in your home.

For cool, coastal spaces, natural wood is often your best bet when it comes to decorative objects. In fact, distressed wood is a major part of coastal furnishings in many areas. If you prefer something just a little more modern, consider distressed bronze lanterns, candle holders or wall clocks.

Striped two-tone and three-tone pillows in classic colors like white, blue and red, are ideal for this look.

5. Eclectic Style

Eclectic can often be hard to define, but for most people, it means decorating your space with fun items that you love to look at and live with. If eclectic is your style, bringing some bold, bright colors into your space with decorative objects can play up the look and even tie together disparate elements from a variety of different periods.

When looking for decorative objects for an eclectic space, look to match existing colors in your room. If you've got a lime green couch you love, but no lime green in the rest of the room, consider using decorative objects with similar colorful accents to balance the area as a whole. This works especially well with multi-colored vases and bowls.

For upholstery, go for exciting prints like confetti, stripes or more basic, tried-and-true patterns like Ikat. You can also mix and match colorful prints with neutrals to balance out your space and bring it back down to earth.

Decorative objects help you turn a house into a home, showcasing your unique style for all to see. Whatever your look, finishing your space with beautiful decorative elements allows you to create your own paradise!

They are also a whole lot of fun to shop for once you've got the big stuff like sofas, chairs and tables all picked out.