Decorative Accessories

For many people, their home is an extension of their personality, and a chance to make a bold statement about their creativity and style. Every shelf, counter and wall is an artist’s canvas, awaiting beautiful decorative objects and sculptures to transform them. Whether you enjoy abstract art or nautical paraphernalia, west elm’s selection of decorative accessories makes it easy to create a space that is uniquely you through the use of colors, shapes and textures.

Decorative items serve a variety of purposes, depending on the nature of your interior design, your available space and the objects you choose. Some wall art is a quick and effective way to transform a bare wall into a strong focal point for a room, while small sculptures add points of interest that break up large spaces. Try arranging a series of objects on a single wall to create an art exhibit, and use decorative mirrors to reflect light and open out the space in smaller rooms. By carefully selecting items with similar themes, it is possible to tie together the various elements of your decor to create a sense of harmony. For example, you could use fruit-based wall art and a gold-finished apple object to transform your farmhouse living room into a vibrant orchard. Use nautical items, such as boat sculptures and anchor wall art, to give your summer home a suitable ambience; or introduce art pieces that mirror the colors in your furniture, floor rugs and soft furnishings.

Many decorative objects are more than purely aesthetic additions to your living space. Bookends are functional accessories that help you to maintain an organized, safe shelf, while also adding a touch of character. Consider bookends incorporating geographical shapes for a clean, modern look for your book nook, or look at metal animals and carved marble for a more traditional style that is in-keeping with high-backed leather chairs and ornate desks. Light-up lettering is a whimsical way to add some fun to your living room or a child’s bedroom, creating a focal point that draws the eye while simultaneously providing additional mood lighting when you need it. Supplemental light sources are useful for illuminating corners, or drawing attention to another art object to make a statement.

Regardless of your home’s decor, there are suitable decorative accessories to lend a touch of class and creativity. Create vintage charm with antique-finish metal objects, or maintain the aesthetic of a modern, minimalistic home with some resin objects or bold, abstract sculptures. A simple white enamel centerpiece bowl is an elegant finishing touch to a modern countertop, or the basis for a more elaborate display in a traditional cottage environment; and chunky word art objects are a bold way to dress a console or kitchen counter. If you want to introduce objects that create interest and inspire conversation, but want to maintain the sense of an open, uncluttered space, wire art is a wonderful option. Handcrafted from thin wire, these lightweight objects create an attractive display without imposing on the room’s decor, or blocking any light from the windows.

Decorative accessories are also a wonderful way to celebrate seasonal events. Introduce vintage-inspired metal pumpkin objects to add a touch of Halloween to your office desktop, or create a delightfully sophisticated holiday tablescape with brass reindeer sculptures and art deco antique-finish trees.

When it comes to making a house a home, there really are no rules, other than to do what makes you happy. If you crave a clutter-free lifestyle, go for a minimalist aesthetic; but if you want to surround yourself with objects of beauty, then search out decorative objects and sculptures that speak to you on a personal level. Release your creativity, and transform your living space with sophisticated art installations and designer elements such as vases, office accessories and wall sculptures.

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