Floor Pillows

Increase the comfort and charm in your living spaces with the floor pillows available at west elm. When you need just a little more seating for those times when you’re entertaining the whole gang, you can take it to the floor with large and plush pillows and poufs. Whether your living room is luxurious and elegant or more casual in nature, there’s a floor pillow to match your decor. These pieces coordinate easily with your other furnishings so that you can create a pleasingly cohesive decorating style in any room.

Of course, the main seating in your living room may be beautiful sofas and love seats. These anchor pieces serve as the foundation of your room, and you likely build every other piece around them. You’ll find it easy to throw in a few floor pillows to work with your sofas. Arranging a few floor pillows in the corner of the room makes it oh-so-simple to pull them out when company arrives. The beautiful fabrics covering these pillows and poufs will coordinate effortlessly with your other furniture. From understated solids to vivid patterns, there’s a pillow to fit virtually every living room ensemble. Poufs can also serve as comfortable and stylish ottomans when the occasion arises. Sit back on the sofa and put your feet up on an oversized pouf to get comfortable. If you’re accessorizing an upscale living area, a leather pouf is an ideal option for this space.

When you’re furnishing a casual game room, don’t forget to add a few poufs or floor pillows. It’s fun to gather the gang for video games when you have extra seating available in the form of floor pillows. These poufs make it so convenient for everyone to have a good seat in front of the media consoles and media cabinets. In fact, floor pillows are an ideal choice when you want to add an extra row of seating in front of sectionals and chairs in a back row. Everyone can see the screen while sitting in their seat of choice.

Your seating options in the bedroom can take a new twist when you combine floor pillows with benches. A bench along the wall or at the foot of the bed adds comfortable seating options. Many benches also have interior storage to help you contain clutter and keep it out of sight. When necessary, you can pull out a pouf for extra seating whenever you need it.

Beanbags take on a new and stylish twist with the decorator fabrics we have available. These oversized beanbags might just become the seats of choice in your living room or family room even when you don’t have guests. Imagine pairing an oversized beanbag with soft and luxurious throw blankets. This could be a comfortable reading or gaming seat where family members kick back and relax. You could also set up a comfortable and casual seating area by pairing floor pillows with decorative baskets and bins. Stow accessories such as blankets and pillows in the baskets and bins, so you have them when you want to snuggle.

One of the winning features of floor pillows and poufs is the fact that they make terrific additions to any room. Whether you’re decorating style is formal or casual, you can tuck a pillow or pouf into the corner for extra seating and an extra touch of color. Many fabrics will mix and match with your other furniture so you can always create a cohesive design in your living areas too. Don’t worry about the structure and durability of these pieces either. They are made to stay beautiful for year after year.