Special Order Pillows

Decorating your home’s interior is a lot of fun. It opens up a world of exciting possibilities for any room you want. There is no limit to the furniture, decor and designs you can use. Luxurious, rustic and artistic themes – along with virtually anything else you can imagine – are all at your fingertips. Crave even more creative freedom? At west elm, we understand that completely. We want you to be able to express yourself to the max, making your vision a reality. Something that can help is to use custom special order pillows for your furniture.

Our special order pillows let you decide just about everything about your accent pillows: size, seam, theme, color and fabric. That’s not just for a group of pillows, either. If you want, you can customize each piece to its specifications. The result is a vignette in your space where each element has its place, from gorgeous lighting and artwork to your favorite tables and floor coverings.

Why is this useful? It means you can layer on pillows - as many as you want and however you want – along the surface of your sofa, recliner, love seat or sectional. Another big advantage is being able to select a specific upholstery fabric. That way, using pillows that match your furniture type is extremely easy. Faux suede, performance velvet, chenille tweed, linen, marbled microfiber and many more options are available in tons of colors. If you have a gray heathered cotton sofa, adding matching pillows is simple. You can enhance the comfort and chic of your favorite furniture with the snap of your fingers.

That doesn’t mean pillow fabrics have to match your furniture. In fact, they don’t even need to match each other. You have complete control of texture matching and contrasts. This layered effect is very artistic and personal. What are some options? If you have a dark leather sectional, it’s already fashionable and sleek. By adding some tweed pillows, you give it some warmth as well. The result is a mixture of heroic adventurer and university scholar. Each type of fabric has its own particular texture and appearance, so the effect can be pretty awesome when playing around with a bunch of different pillows on the same piece of furniture.

For example, if you’re designing a living room with neutral colors – a very spacious and relaxing layout – choosing special order pillows lets you vary the shades of gray you want to highlight, including pieces that are both light and dark. Some textures are smooth and shiny while others have a matte appearance that shows off lots of contours. You can even carry these variations to the rest of the room using light fixtures and furniture that mix reflective metals, clear glass and finished wood.

Decorative pillows stand out with intense colors. You decide which pillows have the greatest impact with many vibrant shades. Complementary accents have a simple and strong contrast, while split-complementary arrangements are fashionably complex. Use tertiary colors for something a little bit eclectic. It’s not hard to harmonize with a space’s existing color theme or create a new one from scratch, whichever you prefer. Hues of red, blue, green, turquoise and rose, among many others, make for exciting combinations. One or two golden pillows in performance velvet make a bold statement when paired with a love seat that’s navy, tangerine, crimson or rose.

Besides color and texture, special order pillows also open the gates when it comes to size. The pillows help you achieve pops of decor that fit your specifications. With bright colors, that’s important since it lets you decide just how strong you want the effect to be – from a subtle infusion of energy to a jaw-dropping artistic exposition. Follow your creative intuition. Oversized pieces are terrific and so are collections of varying sizes. A single pillow, a sofa loaded pillows or odd numbers unevenly distributed – anything is possible, and everything is stylish.