7 Creative Ways to Decorate with Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a cozy, comfortable accessory that you'll find in almost every home. While they can work wonders draped over a bench, chair, bed or ottoman, there are other options for decorating your space with throw blankets you love.

Use these seven creative ways to decorate with throw blankets to bring a soft, stylish touch to every room in your home.

1. Cover Old or Worn Furniture

Just because a piece of furniture doesn't look brand new doesn't mean you should get rid of it. However, you may want to start to hide some problem areas or help older pieces blend in with new design elements through the use of color. Throw blankets are ideal for this purpose.

If you're covering a worn area, fold the blanket over that section or drape it in a less formal manner. Where the area you're trying to cover is on the piece of furniture will likely dictate how you use the throw, since folding a blanket off-center or on an arm may not work.

For cover for a back or seat of an item like an upholstered chair or sofa, unfold the blanket and put it in place. If possible, tuck the blanket into the arms, back or seat cushion of the sofa and use pillows to make the blanket feel like a design element instead of a cover-up.

2. Add Color to Neutral Spaces

Neutral pieces of furniture are often an ideal choice for decorating your home in a style that's classic, comfortable and calming. Sometimes what a neutral space or piece of furniture really needs is a bold pop of color to stand out, though. Often, just draping a colorful solid or patterned throw over a neutral piece or folding it neatly on the back of a chair or sofa can add a lot of life and visual interest to a room.

Throw blankets are an excellent way to add unexpected color that you love. The color you choose is up to you, but consider something that will tie a disparate element of your decorative items or art to the rest of your room. Your throw blanket will still have a big impact; it will feel more connected to the space as a whole.

3. Layer Throw Blankets for a Unique Design

Using a bold throw blanket can help you add a special color or unique pattern to neutral spaces and pieces of furniture. By layering two throw blankets, you'll also add texture to your furniture, giving it more visual depth in your room.

Mix-and-match your favorite colors, combine two bold colors, or pair a neutral throw with a more colorful or printed option. Animal and abstract prints can bring a lot of texture to any space. For more traditional environments, look for Ikat or paisley prints.

4. Turn a Throw Blanket into a Table Runner

Table runners add warmth to your dining table and break up a solid expanse of wood, glass or natural stone. While dedicated options are available, repurposing a throw blanket can add weight and visual appeal to your table. When using throw blankets for this purpose, consider folding them in the center of your table lengthwise, then decorating the rest of the area with candles or flowers.

If you have a particularly large throw or a small table, you may be able to run it from end to end on your table, leaving a small amount of fabric hanging over each side. Smaller throw blankets can also be used as tablecloths for two and three-person outdoor cafe tables once you no longer want them to be part of your indoor spaces.

5. Bring Color to a Basic Headboard

A headboard can create drama and offer sophisticated style in your room, but as your design changes over time, it may not be right for your space anymore. To soften the appearance of a headboard, throw blankets can be draped over them, adding color and unique design elements in the process.

If you have a slatted or post-style headboard, you can also hang your throw blankets to add some color to your room and keep them within reach for cold winter nights.

6. Create Your Own Wall Art

Throw blankets can add color, texture and a pattern to an existing headboard. Best of all, you don't have to simply drape them over a piece of furniture to utilize their style. Instead, use a throw blanket that you love as your own piece of wall art or a tapestry.

While behind the bed is an excellent option for adding a soft touch to a bedroom, you can hang throw blankets in all sorts of areas, from your entryway to your living room. They can even work in a dining room behind a low buffet or server.

Another exceptionally stylish option is to frame a favorite throw blanket and hang it as wall art. This is also great for preserving throw blankets that are family heirlooms or made by true artisans.

7. Make a Fort for Kids

Although kids love camping, popping a tent in the yard isn't always possible for a sleepover or playtime. With a large throw blanket draped over a few chairs or pieces of furniture, you can create a fort or tent in a matter of minutes.

Opt for a heavy throw blanket to keep lighting out to turn day into night, at least inside your child's living room fort.

Throw blankets can make any room more comfortable. They'll also add a lot of visual interest and style to a space, allowing you to change up your room at a moment's notice. Use these tips from west elm to make the most of your favorite throw blankets in every room of your home.

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