Blue Bedding

Cool, calm, soothing blue bedding will take your bedroom from peaceful to indulgently relaxing. Research shows that surrounding yourself with gentle or bright blues can invoke feelings of calmness, intelligence and even trust, making it the perfect choice for blankets, pillows and bedding fabrics. Our broad range of blue bedding lets you pick from a range of styles, textures and fabrics, each ranging across a broad spectrum of blue shades.

At west elm, we carry blue bedding in many different fabrics, sizes and styles. Whether you’re adding a throw blanket to a favorite sofa or updating the look of your bedroom from scratch, we make it easy to shop for sheets, blankets, pillowcases and decorative pillows that make getting creative with your decor a breeze. Light, airy sky blues mingle with bright cobalt blues, muted indigos and even shades of lavender, giving you a cornucopia of options to choose from. For sheets, choose rich fabrics such as Belgian flax or cotton percale. Thread counts between 200 and 400 make our high-quality, durable bed sheets light, crisp and soft against your skin. Blue quilts and coverlets in matching Belgian flax offer a spa-like sleeping experience. Ikat quilts and comforters stitched in puffy light pool-blue cotton keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather, wrapping you in a cloud of softness, while Indian tassel quilts and silk-stitched coverlets provide extra warmth and weight. Pintucked comforters draw inspiration from fairy tales to add elegance and style, while ultra-smooth silk blankets make slipping into bed an experience you’ll look forward to every night.

Keep things contemporary by choosing quilts and coverlets in solid colors such as soft, gray-blue or light amethyst. Barely-there eggshell blue sheets make an exact match, letting you play with color while still keeping your decor theme crisp, modern and minimal in design. Use our decorative accent pillows in charcoal gray, white and luster black to polish the look. Or, create a soft point of color with a contrasting cotton throw blanket in warm red clay or mustard yellow.

Creating a nautical-inspired theme is easy when you start with blue bedding. Choose a high-contrast blue-and-white-striped comforter over crisp white sheets to get this look. Then, lay out a darker blue-and-white striped rug, and add rope or anchor decorations throughout the room. Place wicker baskets, wicker chairs or dried flowers around the room to bring everything together. This is a delightful way to decorate in a seaside cottage or home by the lake.

Break free from traditional blues with beautiful watercolor-inspired graphic bedding. Like a painting sitting in a famous museum, these blankets adorn your bed in gorgeous color blocks, delicately painted floral prints and hazy, surrealistic scapes. Their rich, vibrant colors draw inspiration from fantasy, the night sky and all things creative for a youthful, exuberant look that allows for a greater range of decor flexibility. Stunning blue bedding lines like Roar + Rabbit and our organic free trade cotton art blankets provide an all-in-one color palette, letting you design or redesign the room around them. Pair them with mohair floor poufs and pillows to make the room inviting, lighthearted and fun.

Instantly refresh the look of your current bedding with our duvet and pouf pillow covers. Identify the size of your current bedding, and then select a cover from our shop in a matching size. We’ll ship it right to your door; all you have to do is slip it into the new cover for an instantly updated look. Duvet covers can also provide you with an extra layer of protection; just zip them off and refresh them in your washer to restore your bedding to its natural glory.