Solid Duvet Covers

The tones and lighting in your bedroom affect your emotions in a big way. That’s a good thing. Sometimes you’re looking for a space for quiet reflection. At other times you want your room to have a vibe that wakes you up with a jolt and gives you tons of energy. Maybe you feel like letting your romantic side show. Color themes come in many forms, from wall paint and artwork to your bed and other furniture. At west elm, we want you to have the freedom to customize your bedroom’s ambience anytime you want. Using solid duvet covers is one easy way to mix things up color-wise in a space year round. Here are a few possibilities.

Solid duvet covers come in hues that are bold and more subdued. That makes it easy to create artistic color combinations. If your bedroom walls are white or neutral, you can experiment with different pairings almost without limit. What if you have a strong accent wall, like yellow, navy, mocha, lime green or another awesome tone? Don’t worry. Just work it into your overall palette. It doesn’t even need to be the dominant color. Complementary, split-complementary, tertiary and analogous layouts leave lots of room for creativity. With a bright blue accent wall, for example, you can play around with different shades of red, green, yellow, purple, orange and turquoise, just to name a few.

Do you have to use only solid-colored accents when decorating a solid duvet cover? Not at all. You can, if you want to, but that’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. Using your duvet cover as a base, feel free to add amazing geometric patterns, prints, exotic motifs and floral themes. Shams often provide a nice contrast, and decorative pillows also give you a major pop of art and color. Other nearby objects, like a vase with branches or a striking painting above the bed, can play off of this theme for a harmonious snapshot.

Sometimes you want your bedding to transmit tranquility. Neutral tones are really good at it. Light gray, blue and beige are a few neutral options that ease stress and get you in the mood to relax. They feel fresh, clean and spacious. These tones also help you concentrate and let your imagination wander if you’re trying to come up with a creative solution to a problem. This layout works well with minimalist or modern details like a floor lamp, a tall plant or a beautiful wood dresser.

For something luxurious, white or ivory is a great way to go. Of course, even white bedding comes in tons of different styles to adapt to your personality. Give your room some traditional elegance with a pleated – or ruched – cotton or silk duvet cover. Show off your introspective nature with a jacquard fabric or country-inspired quilt with lots of texture. Go with lavish French chic by choosing supersmooth sateen and a velvet blanket.