Linen Bedding

The feeling of slipping into freshly laundered linens; it’s relaxation at its finest. Clean, crisp sheets are the essence of west elm’s linen bedding collection. We understand that building your bedroom starts with choosing essentials that fit your personality, your favorite color palette and your preferred fabrics; that’s why we offer a wide range of linen bedding options. From luxuriously soft Belgian flax linen to basic organic cotton, we carry everything from sheet sets to bed skirts and even comforters and quilts to help make every night a time when you get to lay down in the lap of luxury.

The first step in choosing bedding of any kind lies in understanding exactly what you’re buying. Our linens and bedding options come in several different fabric types, and each specific style has its own benefits. What determines the softness, durability and feel of each bedding sheet start with what plant the material is made from. Organic cotton percale is delightfully soft, while Belgian flax is even softer and gentler against the skin. Mixed blends, including those that contain a blend of cotton and flax, offer an excellent midway point if you can’t decide between the two.

Thread count is the second most important feature, particularly when purchasing sheet sets. Most of our linen bedding options fall somewhere between 200 and 800 thread count, a range that many customers consider the sweet spot for comfort. Fabrics rated 200 on thread count feel lighter, yet are still soft, making them more appropriate for warm weather in the spring, summer and fall. Fabrics with a higher thread count - 400 is very common, especially with organic cotton bedding - will feel much heavier, but maintain their smooth softness over time. Some specialty linens may not contain a specific thread count; these are often woven with specific techniques, and thread count may simply not apply. Belgian flax is an excellent example of this; it has a lower thread count on purpose to provide for greater breathability while sleeping. Despite having a lower thread count, the specialty fabric is woven from quality materials to provide sturdiness and reliability over time.

With a strong focus on nature-inspired colors, it’s easy to find colorful linen bedding to match any decor. The most versatile are our bedding basics. These include crisp white sheet sets, shams, pillowcases and bed skirts that blend effortlessly into almost any room or design scheme, regardless of whether it’s modern, contemporary, or even bohemian in style. If you prefer a muted or subtle pattern, options with pastel stripes or soft, flecked patterns in gray, light blue, light green or muted yellow will help you create a look you love. For the bold and creative individual, we have plenty of options for you, too; bedding sets with inspiring colors sourced from nature itself. Rich, dark navy blues that pay homage to the deepest, darkest nights, bright mustard yellows that mimic the look of fresh flowers and red clay colors that are reminiscent of hot summer days in the Grand Canyon, inspired by the very Earth itself. Even if you have a treasured duvet you can’t bear to part with, we can help you update it with duvet covers in new and refreshing colors.

Color isn’t the only way to experiment with linen bedding to create a room that’s inviting and soothing. Textured quilts let you play with more than just color, creating extra cushion that not only feels soft to the touch, but also provides additional warmth. Stonewashed fabrics are pre-softened, making them extra delicate against sensitive skin, so they carry a “lived in” feel that’s reminiscent of your favorite jeans.