Fair Trade Collaboration

At west elm, we pride ourselves on high-quality products that look beautiful in your home and make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we feature our Fair Trade Collaboration that lets you change the world for the better with each purchase. With each purchase of Fair Trade Certified® goods, you ensure safe working conditions and fair labor practices for the individuals that handcraft your precious household items. From Peruvian artisans in the high Andes mountains to Filipino weavers and Nepalese craftsman, each purchase helps citizens across the globe.


In 2014, we became the first household goods retailer to join Fair Trade USA™ because of our strong belief in supporting the people behind our stunning products. Starting with rugs in 2014, our assortment of socially produced goods has grown to encompass more than 40 percent of all our rugs. From patterned rugs that add dimension and versatility to solid rugs for an understated look, our Fair Trade Certified rugs make your home and the world a more beautiful place. Our focus isn’t just on high-quality goods but also on safe workplaces, fair wages and community investment for factory employees.


Our Fair Trade Certified rug collection includes natural fiber rugs that are also good for the environment. These rugs are made from pure jute and many feature materials from sustainably harvested forests so you can rest easy knowing that each piece has a positive impact on the environment. Natural fiber rugs are also a great choice for individuals who are sensitive to allergies or who wish to create a home free from harmful chemicals and additives. You become a part of the fair trade movement when you purchase rugs from our collaboration and create long-term economic opportunities for workers abroad.


With our partnership, these workers can bring their artisan goods to a larger audience. The way our Fair Trade Collaboration works is that we pay a percentage of the product cost directly to a worker fund called the Fair Trade Premium. Artisans then are able to spend their premiums in the local economy furthering positive impacts in sectors, such as healthcare and transportation. Make a positive impact in your home and abroad by pairing your Fair Trade Certified rugs with rug pads to protect your floors from scratches. You’ll love the extra padding they give to cushion your feet and prevent slippage from everyday use.


Since 2014, our Fair Trade Certified products have grown to include curtains and drapes that add the finishing touches to your windows. By 2020, we aim to have 40 percent of all our products Fair Trade Certified and continue developing safe and fair working conditions across the globe. The beauty of the Fair Trade Certified movement is that each product tells a story. Whether your rug came from a factory in India or you select wooden furniture from sustainably harvested forests, each item turns into a conversation piece. You can even find detailed stories on the artisans behind our products from Vietnam to Guatemala right on our blog.


Our collection of Fair Trade Certified goods also includes blackout curtains that help you get a good night’s sleep both mentally and physically. Relax knowing that these curtains block out harsh lighting so you can control the brightness in a room at any time of day. Blackout curtains are particularly useful in children’s rooms or artist studios where you may need total darkness for deep sleep or to protect delicate paintings from sunlight. You’ll also rest easy knowing that your purchase has helped another family in a different part of the globe. Join us in the movement to bring safe working conditions and protections for worker’s rights to every corner of the globe with each purchase of Fair Trade Certified items.