Peruvian Artisans’ Collaboration

Peru features an ancient history that has developed exquisite decor through traditions passed down from generation to generation for centuries. At west elm, we’ve partnered with local Peruvian businesses to take their artisanal crafts to a larger audience. These local businesses provide market access, skill development and financial support to artisans from all across Peru, including Lima, the Piura highlands and Paucara in the southern Andes. Famous for their Chulucanas pottery, Peruvian designers have created incredible carved wooden mirrors to add culture and stunning beauty to your home. The wood frames are made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified Amazonian timber wood and painted in a nontoxic finish, making these mirrors ideal for any eco-conscious home. This certification means all materials have been sustainably harvested and each purchase goes toward protecting workers’ and indigenous peoples’ rights.

Peruvian artisans hand carve these mirrors using a centuries-old technique that was once used to make religious sculptures. Each piece is inspired by elaborate designs found in traditional colonial-style homes in Peru, bringing a global style into your home. These wall mirrors feature engineered wood frames and mirrored glass for exquisite reflection of light. Our Peruvian artisan mirrors are available in circular, rectangular, square, diamond, hexagonal and oval shapes so you can add geometric dimension to any room in your house. Each one features brass, turquoise, gold or a combination of these materials for a vibrant look.

Artisans from Peru use traditional techniques to handcraft alpaca throws that when paired with our mirrors create a stunning South American influence. These throws are generally crafted by artisans in the Huancavelica region who use historical weaving traditions. These skills have been honed over centuries of living at a chilly 12,000-foot altitude and turn fine alpaca wool into snuggly, soft throws that keep you warm even when the temperature dips below freezing. Through our collaboration, these weavers are empowered to install solar-powered washing machines to make our throws supersoft. Snuggle up and enjoy the visual treat afforded by these throws.

Take your love of Peruvian design and style to the next level by adding exquisite pieces of abstract art. Chulucanas pottery and Lima hand-carved mirrors are enhanced by vibrant, bold colors that define the mood and outlook of the Peruvian nature. Each piece from our Peruvian Artisans’ Collaboration ensures an impressive story along with gorgeous products. Pair with vases featuring a beautiful blackened finish for a contemporary take on Old World craftsmanship.

Cozy up after a long day in the office and enjoy your striking Peruvian decor with bedding that plays up the style. Peru is known for its lively population and adherence to vibrant colors. Choose bedding in bold hues, such as red, yellow and turquoise, to accent the impact of your wood-carved mirrors. For a more subtle approach, gold and metallic bordered sheets are a complementary touch while allowing your mirrors to be the center of attention. Play with the texture including woven and knitted blankets as well as faux fur throws that add a contrast to alpaca throws.

Peruvian artisans have centuries of expertise in woven pillows. Typically created in Peru using a foot pedal-driven loom, these pieces are intricate works of art. Often made from pure wool, these pillows add warmth to bedding. The subtle texture makes it at home in any design while bold stripes add a splash of color and character to any bed or sofa. Mix and match pillows of varying textures and colors to contrast your wood mirrors for a delightful finish. You can enjoy your stunning Peruvian pieces while knowing that each purchase has directly helped an artisan. Our collaborations are long-term commitments so that we can help artisans invest in their businesses and in their communities.