Sustainably Sourced Rugs for an Eco-Friendly Home

There are a lot of ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition to developing eco-friendly habits like recycling and composting, you can also give some thought to how your home furniture and decor are made. At west elm, we carry a collection of sustainably sourced products including beautiful, environmentally-friendly rugs for any room. They come in a variety of colors and designs that you can coordinate with other decor in the room, like your window curtains. Choose from geometric, color block, linework, Ikat and even Moroccan-inspired rugs for a look that suits your style.

Each of our sustainably sourced rugs is Forest Stewardship Council certified, meaning that it is produced in accordance with environmental and social responsibility standards. They are crafted of 100% recycled polyester which provides excellent shed resistance and durability. Easy to care for, softer than wool to the touch and reversible for enhanced longevity, an eco-friendly rug would make a wonderful addition to your home.

Quality Handcrafted Rugs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Not only are our environmentally-friendly rugs made with an eye to sustainability but, as they are all handcrafted, they help to preserve craft traditions as well. Produced by artisans from around the world, no two rugs are exactly the same. Your purchase will help the artisans grow their businesses and contribute to improving the economy of their local communities.

The handcrafted, sustainably sourced rugs in our collection are available in a range of sizes to ensure that they fit anywhere you need them to. Find rugs as small as 2' x 3' for spaces like the bathroom and kitchen to as large as 9' x 12' for living and dining rooms, as well as runner rugs for the hallway. Every rug is also crafted for both indoor and outdoor use and made to stand up to high-traffic areas like the patio or entryway.

Eco-friendly rugs are a great way to start being more sustainable in your approach to home design. If you are looking to do some significant redecorating and you need some new furniture as well, then take a look at our selections of sustainably sourced indoor furniture and sustainably sourced outdoor furniture for even more eco-friendly options.

By bringing in some extra color and texture, a new rug will instantly refresh the look of a room. With west elm's selection of sustainably sourced rugs, you can put together a picture-perfect room design while decreasing your impact on the environment at the same time.