Seven Kitchen Appliances for the Home Chef

A good chef can turn out a quality meal with a sharp knife, a cutting board and no more pots and pans than they can carry in their arms. That doesn't mean that kitchen appliances and gadgets aren't a lot of fun or that they don't make cooking easier and more rewarding. In fact, the right kitchen appliances can help you prepare better food for your friends and family with time to spare.

Use this guide from west elm to learn more about a variety of top kitchen appliances that can make the time you spend in the kitchen a whole lot more exciting.

Rice Cookers

Preparing rice on the stove in a pot is something you see all the time, particularly in the United States. In other parts of the world, rice cookers are ubiquitous. Designed to take the guesswork out of cooking every type of rice from sushi to wild, automatic rice cookers also include a keep warm function. This can be especially important if you're feeding a family where dinner doesn't always happen with everybody gathered around the table at the same time.

Dash Mini Rice Cooker

Citrus Juicers

Is there anything better than a glass of fresh orange juice on a lazy Sunday morning? With your own citrus juicer, you can make quick work of fresh oranges so you can be drinking juice even on a fast-paced Monday.

Designed to quickly get through as many oranges as you want without the mess of a manual juicer, electric citrus juicers can easily turn out bottle after bottle of orange juice if you've got the fruit. With a little practice, you'll be going through a whole bag of oranges in under five minutes, changing your morning routine forever.

No more store-bought orange juice for you!

Espresso Coffee Machines

Orange juice is great in the morning, but sometimes you need a beverage that provides just a little more of a pick me up effect. An espresso machine is a perfect appliance for the job whether you prefer traditional Italian espresso served black or frothy, luxurious cappuccinos.

With a combination of one and two cup models, as well as automatic and standard pull-type machines, you can get as much control over your brew as you want. Modern appliances in unique colors like red and blue, as well as those in standard black or silver, make a bold statement in your kitchen too.

Electric Kettles

From tea to pouring over coffee and instant oatmeal, boiling water is a must in the kitchen. A standard stovetop kettle will do the job, but with an electric model, you can have boiling water ready in seconds without an appliance living on your range.

Many electric kettles even come with temperature controls and hold functions that let you get a precise measurement for your water. This is great for temperature specific items where you don't want to use water at a full boil like green tea.

Stand Mixers

The stand mixer is a go-to in the kitchen, helping you prepare everything from cookies and cakes to savory dishes. With special attachments like pasta makers and ice cream arms and bowls, you can practically make a full meal with the right mixer.

Best of all, no tired, sore arm in the morning after you've been baking! Traditional models and more modern versions in colors like baby blue, candy shell pink, and combination red and stainless steel help liven up your kitchen.

Modern Toasters

A toaster is a kitchen appliance you'll see in almost every home, but not all toasters are created equal. With today's modern toasters, you get precise control, including a one-sided option for the perfect bagel. For a big family or a group of breakfast enthusiasts, four-slice toasters make a quick breakfast a breeze.

An assortment of colors to match your other appliances or stand out from the crowd can pair with almost any style of decor you use in your home.

SMEG Mixer

Colorful, Classic Refrigerators

Large kitchen appliances like refrigerators play a huge role in your kitchen and the way you cook. While an oversized model can work in some spaces, sometimes what you need is an efficient, stylish two-door unit that will get the job done without eating up all of your floor space.

With refrigerators from brands like SMEG, you can also get an assortment of fresh colors with throwback silver handles that are more than just a little reminiscent of the 1950s. You'll probably get better performance with a new model than a true '50s version though, which is ideal for the home chef or budding gourmet.

Kitchen appliances make cooking fun, easier, and more efficient. Whether you're looking for a new gadget to get you excited about being in the kitchen or you want a brand new refrigerator to do the heavy lifting, bringing the right new appliance home can make the time you spend cooking a lot more enjoyable.

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