Kitchen Mixing and Measuring Utensils

Whether cooking is your passion, you frequently cater to large groups or different tastes, or you rustle up the family meal each day, streamline your cooking routine with a little extra organization to make things easier. Have an assortment of equipment readily at hand to measure and mix your ingredients. This saves time and helps ensure your dishes turn out beautifully since the guesswork is taken out of measuring quantities. At west elm, we have numerous mixing and measuring utensils to help you prepare and be more organized in the kitchen.

Start by having a selection of mixing bowls ready on the countertop. Choose stoneware bowls in different sizes with the corresponding quantities and instructions printed on the front for ease of use. Tempered glass bowls let you see the ingredients clearly and don’t absorb any of the flavors or odors. An assortment of sizes covers every need from a pinch of seasoning to chopped vegetables or a batch of batter. Nesting bowls are a convenient and compact way to store the bowls so you don’t have to forego too much space in your kitchen cabinets.

Mixing bowls with spouts let you pour the ingredients into your cookware without any spillages. A batter bowl has handy measurements on its side so you can measure accurately before mixing. The handle and spout allow for easy pouring.

Grind herbs, spices, garlic, nuts and other ingredients using a pestle and mortar. The marble tools look striking in any kitchen and allow you to reduce the ingredients to a powder or paste. Use measuring cups or spoons for accurate quantities when you cook. Just like the bowls, they nest together for easy storage. Choose stainless-steel, copper or enamel designs to match the rest of your kitchen equipment.

Keep butter fresh in a butter dish. This keeps it at room temperature for easy cutting and spreading, which is ideal when preparing food, particularly when baking. A butter dish is also an attractive addition the dining table.

Salt crystals stay free from moisture and fresh when stored in a salt cellar. Keep it next to your pepper grinder for easy access when cooking or seasoning your meals. Oil and vinegar are also best kept handy, and stoneware dispensers look stylish on the tabletop or counter.

Mix and spread your ingredients using a selection of silicone utensils. The material is resistant to heat and scratches, making the utensils ideal for prolonged use and to aid you when cooking on the stove. Instead of getting sticky messes on the countertop, use a spoon rest to catch the drips when you’re not using the utensils. These are specifically designed to hold the large part of the utensil in the shallow bowl while the handle rests on an extended lip. When you’ve finished using them altogether, put them away in a utensil holder to keep your countertop free from clutter.

Protect your tabletop or counter from hot pans by using a trivet. Choose a cast metal or painted tile trivet to match your kitchen decor or go for a fun design, such as a decorative pineapple.

Follow recipes carefully and avoid getting splatters across the pages when you use a cookbook stand. A marble stand is stylish and its heavy construction means you can rely on the book staying upright while you concentrate on the creation at hand.

Marble is also a cool surface and this makes it ideal for rolling out pastry. The cool surface of a marble pastry slab prevents the dough from sticking to it. Line ceramic ramekins with the pastry dough and put them in the oven for a delicious treat.

Now that the work’s been made easier, you can enjoy your time in the kitchen and spend more time creating innovative dishes. Put the kettle on and settle back for a well-earned cup of tea or coffee.

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