Place Card Holders for Every Kind of Entertaining

Setting the perfect table is a key component of entertaining. Don't forget to put out special touches like napkin rings or beautiful placemats for your next event--then add place card holders to make guests feel even more special. The details are how you make sure everyone stays talking about your parties.

Party of Two

Even dinner for two deserves a little bit of fanfare, especially when you're sharing a meal with a sweetheart or a friend you haven't seen in awhile.

  • Feel free to use a casual place card holder with a modern, earthy feel for an impromptu meal.
  • Try a fun set in high-contrast terrazzo to set a stylish table in sophisticated neutrals.
  • Pair them with napkin rings made of horn to provide upscale contrast with a textured napkin.

Dinner with Friends

For dinner parties, have fun with a variety of styles. Set the mood based around the meal.

  • For an eclectic group, bring out several sets of place card holders and place them randomly at each seat.
  • Add personalized touches with beautifully written name cards, so guests have an ice breaker at the table.
  • Let everyone enjoy guessing why you gave them which style of card holder.

A Grand Soiree

For a larger, more formal party, stick with classic etiquette and invest in two or three sets of the same place card holders for a cohesive tabletop. Pair the holders with your best dinner plates and napkin rings, along with your finest serving ware.