Setting the table often seems like a small detail, but a good host or hostess knows that presentation is key when it comes to entertaining. Serving utensils are an easy way to dress up a table and pull everything together. At west elm, we offer a variety of options for utensils to help you create a gorgeous table that will impress your guests.
Choose from a variety of finishes to complement your table linens. Gold and silver utensils add sparkle to a table and are perfect for celebrating the holidays. Streamlined, sturdy designs with comfortable handles also make them practical for regular use.
Add individual spoons, forks, knives and spreaders to meet specific needs in the kitchen, or get a set of utensils that include multiple pieces. Pie and cake serving sets make nice hostess or newlywed gifts for friends. Add monograms to individual pieces for a personalized touch that can make them a keepsake forever
To make a display that really stands out, match the utensils to the serveware or dinnerware on the table. Classic white coordinates with any finish, but platters and trays with designs and trims in a color that matches the finish on the serving utensils gives the space a unified look. Design a table worthy of a magazine with small touches that make a big difference.