Every mom and dad knows that placemats are essential for the dining room table. It’s important for families to eat meals together, since it gives them the chance to converse about the day’s events. But parents know that where kids are involved, accidents are practically inevitable. Placemats protect a table’s surface from hot dishes, accidental spills and messy fingers. That way you can laugh and talk without worrying. At west elm, though, we want you to have even more. That’s why our placemats aren’t just practical, they’re designed to be stylish as well. A variety of textures, tones and materials give you a ton of options when it comes to choosing table accessories for your home. But one thing is certain: all of our placemats are fashionable and attractive.
When the dining room table isn’t being used, it makes a great space to showcase decor. Pair your bare wood table with an elegant runner to enhance its natural beauty. As a centerpiece, select colorful vases with your favorite botanical pieces or artistic objects. Candles also create a warm ambience. Many of our placemats have counterpart runners, which makes it easy to design a harmonious style. Don’t be afraid to use a beautiful set of dinnerware just because you’re eating as a family. Our dinnerware is durable enough for everyday use, yet sophisticated enough for formal occasions.