Table Linens

As guests enter your home, it’s doubtless that one of the first places they’ll gather is in your living room or family room. While decor, furnishings and other accouterments in your living room are essential to entertaining, if you think about guests where be spending a good deal of their time, it’s in the dining room. Whether it’s a small dinner party or when you’ve prepared a holiday feast, the celebration is primarily focused on the table. Because of this, the way you dress and present your table is of a high importance. Decor and centerpieces are useful, but your table linens, such as place mats, runners and tablecloths, are extremely important as well. While many tablecloths and place mats have the functionality to protect your table’s smooth finish, they are also an important part of your dining room decor and how you present your food. Shop west elm for a wide variety of different table linens and accessories to make your table delightful, no matter the occasion.

For decor and less protection, you may want to add a table runner to your tabletop. Look for runners in a variety of different materials to suit and complement your existing modern and contemporary decor. Lace or jacquard are good materials as both are durable and strong and also dainty and elegant. Look for a runner that not only complements your decor but also the occasion. A simple dinner party may do well with warm, neutral tones while a large holiday gathering or a big celebration may call for bright, colorful runners in theme with the season or patterns to enliven the table. For a complete look, you may want to match runners with place mats, and also with napkins and napkin rings. Patterns and metallic colors are also terrific additions for table runners, adding a bit of versatility that makes them work for any occasion throughout the year, and through every season.

Place mats are also an important part of the tabletop, especially if your gathering has children or toddler attendees. Spills and accidents happen and placemats are ideal for keeping moisture or spills away from your table. They also work well to protect the dining table’s finish as well. Match place mats with your table runner or choose eclectic and interesting placemats to bring joy and cheer to the dining room. Belgian flax linen is a terrific choice when it comes to place mat construction. You also have other wonderful choices in jacquard, crossweave and lace. Woven, circular place mats also add cheer and are durable and strong.

If your desire is to have full-length protection on your table, then a full tablecloth is in order. Similarly to your runner, strong, durable materials, such as lace, crossweave and Belgian flax linen are wonderful choices. If you entertain often, you may also want to consider a table runner that is washer- and dryer-safe for ease of maintenance. If your tablecloth is a permanent or semi-permanent fixture in your dining room, opt for one that complements your dinnerware and serveware for a polished look. You can also consider adding several tablecloths so you can change them throughout the seasons.

Other tabletop accessories that help make entertaining seamless include plate chargers and place card holders. Plate chargers typically fit right under the dinner plates and other plates, allowing you to change courses easily while protecting your tabletop. Look for chargers in eclectic and rustic materials, such as wood or metal, to bring a modern on industrial feel to your dinner party. If you’re having a larger gathering, place cards with holders make it so guests know where to sit. These also add a tone of elegance and refinement to the room.

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