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A large book collection is the mark of a well-read person, but all those tomes tend to take up a lot of space. Bookcases, storage shelves and other storage furniture create dedicated homes for your favorite titles, letting you set up a miniature library in your own home. These pieces also come in handy for stowing records, electronics, games, files and other essentials. Our bookcases and storage shelves collections offer you a wide variety of storage options including shelves, drawers and cabinets. Browse stunning furniture designs in styles such as minimalist, mid-century modern and contemporary to complement your home office, study or living room.

Your new bookcase should complement the existing decor in the room and fit well in the available space. Before you get started, measure the wall where you want to place the piece. This helps you determine how much storage the space can accommodate and helps you narrow down your options. Ideally, the shelving should be large enough to hold all of the items you want to store without dominating the space. It should also leave room for other furniture such as chairs and desks. If you have a larger room with empty walls, you can choose a large shelving unit. If your space is limited, opt for a smaller yet taller piece that takes advantage of vertical space. All-in-one pieces can work well if you want to set up an office in the corner of the living room. These offer a desk and shelving in a single unit. If you are unsure on how a given piece may fit in your office, you can use masking tape or painter’s tape to mark the dimensions of the item in question on the wall.

Design can also play a big role in how well a bookcase fits in the room. In smaller rooms, minimalist style pieces with open backs can create the illusion of more space. Light colors such as white and silver also look less obtrusive in such spaces. A larger office gives you a great deal more options. A dark or solid wood cabinet or shelving unit can look majestic, especially once it is lined with books. If you are combining your storage shelves with existing furniture such as desks, be sure to choose a complementary style and color. Wood finishes should match as closely as possible, and designs should work well together. For example, if your desk is mid-century modern, you may want to opt for a mid-century modern or minimalist shelving unit.

Your storage needs should also play a role in your selection. If you simply want to store a few file folders and documents, you may want to opt for a small file cabinet that you can stow in the corner. File cabinets offer easy access to necessary documents and make an excellent surface for table lamps, adding light sources to your space. If you have a lot of books, magazines, games or other media, a larger bookcase may be a better bet. Open shelving is more visible, letting you quickly browse titles when you need them. Cabinets work well for electronics such as speakers, wireless transmitters, external hard drives, modems and cables that you may want to keep out of sight. The also make excellent storage for printer paper, envelopes, labels and other office supplies. If you listen to vinyl records, you’ll be happy to know the cabinet doors help keep dust and sunlight away from your LPs and 45s.

If you want to store smaller items on your shelves, you can also choose a few accessories to help you keep your space more organized. Magazine holders are fantastic for keeping magazines on shelves, as these lend them more stability. If you opt for a shelving style with open shelves, be sure to pick up some bookends to keep your books in place. Baskets, bins and boxes make good alternatives to cabinets and drawers and can help you sort and separate items on the shelves.