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Side Tables

As you decorate your living areas, adding side tables can be more than just an afterthought. You’ll need a spot to hold drinks and snacks, of course. But side tables can be so much more than just another horizontal surface. When you position a small table beside a sofa or chair, you have the perfect spot for supplemental lighting and even distinctive decorative pieces that inject a bit of your unique personality into your rooms.

Side tables are the perfect solution for holding steaming mugs of coffee or tea. As you curl up on the sofa with a good book, you can reach for your hot drink on the side table. You’ll have no worries about marring the surface of your table if you add coasters to your tables too. From stone to wood to even lava rock, there are coasters to appeal to your distinct decorating tastes.

With the wide array of west elm side tables, you can be sure to choose precisely the table to fit into your living area. How about a table that also offers inside storage to hold games or even remote controls for your electronic equipment? Or perhaps a retro tripod table is more your style. We have a variety of nesting tables in many different shapes and sizes. Nesting tables are ideal for small spaces, because they tuck away easily when you don’t need them. A set of enamel nesting tables could coordinate with almost any other furniture you might have. A room decorated in a modern, eclectic style could be the perfect spot for a distinctive brass and concrete side table. Imagine placing a beautiful table lamp on this table for both illumination and ambience. Our table lamps are the perfect combination of both function and style.

If space is limited, you might opt for a smaller drink table to add a horizontal surface beside love seats and chairs. These diminutive tables are the perfect solution for smaller seating areas when you want to make sure that everyone has a spot to place their drink. A c-side table is another option when you’re looking for something a little different while maximizing floor space.

Whatever your decorating taste, there are side tables to fit your rooms. From distinctive marble and brass for upscale seating areas to even a natural tree stump, you can find tables to fit the room you are creating. These tables are the perfect choice for living rooms, family rooms and even bedrooms as bedside tables.