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Far more than simply functional, west elm side tables are artistic pieces that enhance a room’s natural decor. They can be trendy, rustic, traditional or innovative, allowing you to personalize your space with ease. A great feature of side tables is that they also expand your potential decoration options, allowing you to further adorn your living room with colorful vases or other beautiful objects. They also make excellent places to display books and magazines, as well as offering a place to keep electronic media close at hand. When entertaining guests, many side tables can be used – along with stylish coasters – for setting down drinks or snack plates. An ample variety of tables that utilize materials as diverse as metal, wood, glass, marble, ceramic and more, means that your only design limit is your imagination. That way you can find exactly what you need to complete the room, while also harmonizing with your home’s personality and the colors of your living area.
Our Box Frame Nesting Tables featuring marble and steel finished in antique bronze are versatile and beautiful. The cool surface of marble adds sophistication to the room while also making a great place for other decorative objects. And since the set is made up of two tables of distinct sizes, it allows you to be creative with placement. Some would stagger the tables a bit, for example, while others choose to keep them at a 45-degree angle to each other. Either way, your guests will be impressed and you are sure to be delighted every time you walk into the living room. Art pieces are another excellent choice when decorating a living or entertainment space.