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Bar + Counter Stools

The kitchen is often the heart of the house, and you can make yours the center of all your household activities with the right type of furniture. Kitchens fitted with a bar or island come with an additional area for dining, conversing and participating in cooking projects. Kids have an area to tackle their homework while they enjoy their afternoon snack. Adults have an extra spot for reading the paper or relaxing with a cup of tea as they take in the sunset. When you have guests over, let your counter or island serve as an extension of your dining table. Find chic bar and counter bar stools from west elm to ensure you always have extra seats available. Whether you need seating for adults, children or a combo of ages, there are some amazing options sure to look smashing in your home. In a pinch, stools even work outside of the kitchen. Just tote the stool to your office or living space for impromptu seating.

Choose from a variety of charming fabric possibilities for your bar stools. With so many gorgeous possibilities, it’s hard to pick just one. If you anticipate that your children will frequently use the stools, look for leather upholstery. Not only is leather built to last, but it also makes clean up a breeze. Just wipe food, paint or milk up with a damp sponge. Wood is another material designed to withstand most household messes. Quickly remove crumbs and splatters with a soft dish towel. For a plush, cozy seat, sit back and relax in a soft upholstered stool. Upholstered stools come in a number of lovely hues so you can perfectly match them to your kitchen’s decor.

When you need to use your stools for long periods of time, small details make a significant difference in their comfort level. Don’t let your lower body dangle; instead, rest your feet and support your legs by selecting a stool with a foot rest. Maintain an ergonomic seating position with a stool that incorporates a back into its design. Some stools even include a seat that gently curves toward the ground to better support your legs. On some occasions, you only need your stools for a short period of time. Make the most of your space with traditional round bar stools. The round design and lack of a back make it easy to push the stools under your counter or island when they are not in use. Double T-back stools are an excellent compromise between dining chairs and stools. Their bases are the size of your standard stool, but the T-back lends support to the piece. Choose from multiple stool heights to find pieces that are an optimal height for your bar.

During an evening with friends, it’s important to see that everyone feels included in the conversation. Keep extra stools on hand so that everyone can gather in the same room. With a swivel-style bar stool, guests can turn themselves with ease to join a discussion or face the counter to grab their beverage. Adjustable bar stools accommodate people of all heights; just give the stool a few pumps until it reaches your desired height. Once the evening is over, just adjust the extra stools to their shortest height for convenient storage in your pantry or garage.

Match your bar stools to your existing decor or make them a statement piece that stands out. In the modern kitchen, scoop-back stools enhance your kitchen’s theme while adding a playful touch to the room. For the rustic kitchen, wooden stools that feature tractor seats are an amazing twist on the classic wooden stool. Tweed covered stools coordinate elegantly with practically any type of furniture.