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Artistic expression knows no bounds. It’s not limited to a painting hanging from the wall or a table centerpiece. At west elm, we want every piece of furniture to be a work of art. That way you can turn your creative vision into reality. We want you to be able to enjoy an interior layout that reflects your personality and imagination. The most stunning designs are born when you feel free to experiment and innovate. That applies when selecting large pieces like dining tables, beds and sectionals, but also with complementary furniture like dining chairs and side tables. Like we said, you’re the artist, and this is your vision. Here are some dining chair possibilities to get your creative juices flowing.

Remember that it’s alright to mix and match at the dining table. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a full set of matching chairs for your table if that’s what you want. But a couple of accent pieces thrown in have a big effect. One way to introduce a few striking chairs into the arrangement is to choose different styles for the two ends of your table. Four or six chairs complement this main design. Generally speaking, the two accent chairs are a little bolder than the rest, either in color or design. That really draws attention to your table and is another stroke in your dining room masterpiece.

In a more formal layout, this is as simple as using a couple of chairs with armrests to stand out from the rest. Another chic design takes advantage of upholstered white chairs along the sides of the table and one or two bright red chairs at the ends. That fills the room with a nice pop of color and excitement. Elegant dinnerware with simple contours complement the look well. Overhead, use soft illumination to create even more sophistication.

Round tables benefit a lot from varied seating styles. If you want, select a number of different pieces that reflect your artistic flair. Each one makes guests feel like someone special, and also tells them a lot about your personality. Just pick a common theme that unifies the dining chairs. They might all feature wood, all have a 1950s feel or share a harmonious color arrangement.

A bistro table is all about style. You can enjoy a light lunch, entertain a few close friends or prepare a romantic meal for your significant other. Because the emphasis is on personal comfort, this is a great opportunity for a luxe armchair that lets you relax. Of course, if your apartment has limited dining space, narrow and high-backed seating is a good option that’s still very comfy.

Something that helps you know what style you’re looking for is your taste in art and music. Do you prefer classic portraits and Beethoven? A little mambo Italiano? Abstract pieces that are full of color and emotion? It’s not hard to find dining chairs to match. Infuse your dining room with an air of vintage, modern, minimalist, industrial and more.

That tone even affects how your space feels, as if it were a living, breathing sculpture. Reclaimed wood chairs, for example, add a warm ambience with a hint of Tuscany. They’re perfect for dining with friends and relatives, passing family-style dishes made with a lot of love. Metal and wood chairs, on the other hand, provide a fashionable focus that’s great for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. They look spectacular underneath a glass tabletop.

Orb chairs are popular ways to bring some 1970s inspiration to a room. Pair them with a round table and a colorful area rug. Don’t hold back with vibrant tones of tangerine, lime green and yellow. Give the space a touch of modern with wood pendant lighting.

Chairs with rich wood tones make an apartment dining room feel like a French café with a magnificent balcony view of the waterfront. A little bit chic and very artistic, they match almost any color combination. Some dark chairs look like sculptures crafted from a single piece of wood. Decorate a vintage dining room with classic photography, candles and intricate metalwork.