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Every bedroom is a blank canvas. Since sizes and shapes vary, the possibilities for furniture layouts and design themes are pretty much endless. You might want a minimalist room with the essentials only to keep it spacious. Or maybe you feel like creating a warm and intimate ambience with candles and flowers. west elm offers beautiful bedroom furniture to inspire your creative vision. Check out our large variety of sizes, shapes and styles of nightstands and dressers for a few ideas. Feel free to personalize all you want; after all, you’re the artist.

Like with any painting, paying attention to shades pays off big time. Complementary and contrasting colors or tones have a major impact on the way a room feels. In a white bedroom, for example, darkly stained wood stands out. That centers attention on whatever furniture – such as a bed, dresser and a nightstand or two – has that deep color. The final effect? The room seems uncluttered, simple and refreshing.

Are white walls and white furniture too much white? Not at all; at least, not if that’s what you’re looking for. Bright bedrooms make you feel happy and energetic. They also have a clean and especially open quality. A white dresser melts into the wall, almost as if it were built into the room. It’s very artistic. That’s not to say that you can’t use any color at all. Neutral-toned rugs and bedding add extra layers of texture and color. A few bright green, blue or violet decorations provide excitement and still keep things relaxing.

If you’re looking for a bedroom with rustic charm, think reclaimed wood. The natural surfaces and designs bring the wild outdoors inside, making you want to snuggle up with a warm blanket. Reclaimed wood dressers work just as well on honey-colored wood flooring as they do on light carpeting. Decorate with photographs of loved ones, nature-themed artwork and a bedside lamp or two.

Bring some French chic into the bedroom with metallic or mirrored dressers. They shout vintage fashion from every corner. A full-length mirror adds even more sophistication to the room, making you feel like you can see the Eiffel Tower from your balcony. Use luxurious bedding with lots of textures for a 1930s ambience mixed with modern flair.

What about placement? What’s the perfect spot for your dresser? That’s totally up to your imagination. One tip, though, is to decide where you want your bed first. Then go with the dresser next. Try to create your own personal spot near the dresser, complete with a mirror or vanity depending on your daily routine. Just slip on your sandals, pick out your outfit and get dressed, all without having to head around the bed to grab important items. If your bedroom is a cozy size, tall dressers give you more storage for less space investment.