Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas, as the name implies, provide you with more than just comfortable seating. Unlike most other types of sofas, the sleeper sofa converts into a bed, which affords you the bonus of catching more than just a few winks. This feature makes sleeper sofas ideal for those living in apartments with limited space and those who wish to have an additional bed for guests without giving up too much floor area. One advantage of a sofa bed is that while it works as regular seating furniture in your living area, you can also have it in bedrooms as an extra bed.

west elm offers a fine selection of sleeper sofas in various sizes, styles and fabrics. Browse our offerings for inspiration and choose the one that best suits your requirements and taste. Whether you want one to save space or have an extra seating option and a bed at the same time, there is one or even more from our selection that is right for you. As with any other living room furniture, make sure that you have enough space for it before you start shopping. You don’t want to end up with a piece of furniture that takes up too much space than you have anticipated, so break out the tape measure and make a note of measurements of the area where the sleeper sofa will go.

The width of sleeper sofas range from around 60 inches to up to more than 90 inches, depending on the style. Apart from making a note of its depth when it is in normal seating configuration, check its overall depth when it is fully unfolded and then compare it with the measurements of the space you have for it to ensure that sleeper sofa fits. In the case of daybeds and futon sofas, its depth when in full bed configuration should be no longer than its depth when it is in sofa form.

When it comes to style, our sleeper sofas are available in modern and contemporary designs. Strong angles, straight lines and longer legs characterize our modern offerings, while low legs, plush upholstery and traditional accents typify our contemporary sleeper sofas. If you have existing modern or contemporary decor in your living space, our sleeper sofas should be able to blend in well. The upholstery fabric in our sleeper sofas are also available in a wide variety of weaves, color and texture. It is a good idea to choose a fabric that is in the same shade as the dominant color of your living space or bedroom.