The Shelter Collection

After a long, stressful work day, most people long to get home. Whether a trendy apartment or a spacious house, our home is always something special where we feel free to create and innovate, be ourselves, and laugh. Even teens, despite all their protests to the contrary, deep down enjoy the comforts of home. It makes everyone feel safe and secure. That’s what inspired the Shelter Collection by west elm. Featuring thick cushions for seating as well as padding surrounding all parts of this exquisite furniture, weary individuals can sink down into its soothing embrace whenever needed. You will be amazed by this sofa’s intensely relaxing quality. It gives the entire room a warm and intimate ambience that will make your stress melt away effortlessly. Planters are a great idea too, since greenery often brightens the atmosphere. And our linen curtains let in soft light for illumination.
A Shelter Sectional means that – while you can go ahead and rest by yourself if you need peace and quiet – there is more than enough space for friends and loved ones to spend time together. Whether watching TV, talking, playing board games or sharing a drink, our collection makes it easy to forget about everything else and just relax and have fun. You will never regret turning a living room or family room into a safe haven with our furniture. And since it is available in a varied color palette, you won’t have any trouble selecting the tones that you find most invigorating and that fit your home’s personality. An area rug is another way to create an inviting sensation, and keeps bare feet warm as well.