Shopping for Christmas Ornaments for Your Home

Christmas ornaments are a great way to spread some cheer in your home and add a decorative touch to every room in the house. From understated Christmas styles to over the top holiday adornments, finding decorative items for your living room, dining room, den and more is incredibly easy and tons of fun.

Use this guide to learn more about your options for holiday ornaments and how you can use them around your home.

What are Christmas Ornaments?

Sprucing up your home and getting it ready for the holidays is a fun activity you can do with the whole family. While we can't help you untangle those Christmas lights that have been in a big brown cardboard box for the last 11 months, we can help you find stylish, fun and downright adorable ornaments for your tree and home. Here are a few ways you can utilize decorative ornaments during the holiday season:

  • Hang Christmas ornaments on your tree. Gather the whole family and make it an exciting tradition with hot cocoa, apple cider and special holiday treats.
  • Utilize oversized ornaments around your mantle, hearth or fireplace. They'll really make your home look festive for Christmas.
  • Use ornaments on surfaces like coffee tables, console tables and buffets. Just place them flat on any surface - no need to hang them at all.
  • Make Christmas ornaments part of your holiday centerpiece at the dining table. Go for minimal options like decorative satin balls on a serving dish with tinsel, or choose an off-the-wall unique design for less formal holiday meals.

What Ornaments Can I Buy?

Finding Christmas ornaments you love is easy whether you've got a specific aesthetic in mind or you're just looking for something that speaks to you. Here are a few ornament options you can shop for:

  • Look for ornament sets. Ornament sets are a great start if you're building your holiday collection from scratch. They're also great if you prefer an orderly, more minimal tree with just a few colors over the standard multi-colored Christmas look.
  • Add individual ornaments to your collection in go-to holiday colors like green, red, white and gold. Patterned ornaments in the classic round shape are perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree.
  • Pick a few whimsical ornaments to add to your tree. Some people add one ornament every year as a sort of holiday tradition. Doing this can be a whole lot of fun for the family and give you a unique look each season. Whimsical ornaments are just plain fun, too!
  • Go for a new tree topper. Make a bold statement or keep it simple and seasonal with a large ornament designed to adorn the top of your tree.
  • Buy oversized hanging Christmas ornaments. Use them in your entry area, above the dining room table or You can also use oversized ornaments like plush stuffed reindeer to decorate your holiday dining or console table.

Adding new ornaments to your collection can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You can also add ornaments to your gift list. Many Christmas ornaments are under $25, so they'll make an exciting gift that won't break the bank.