Hanging Stockings Without a Mantel

There are a number of creative ways to hang your holiday stockings without using a fireplace mantel as the base. Depending on the number of stockings you want to hang, it's possible to use space on a wall, shelf or other furnishings to create a pleasant display of household members' Christmas goody holders. One idea is to use nails or heavy-duty picture hooks to hang stockings on a bare area of the wall. Hang a length of coordinating garland just above the stockings to frame them and hide the hardware. Surround wall-hung stockings with holiday cards, tinsel and other decor to make them stand out above a dining table or below artwork. If your tree looks lonely against a large bare wall, surround it with stockings to fill out the space and accent your tree decor. These and other ideas from us at west elm will help you hang your stockings with joy in some clever areas around the house.

Measure the individual and combined weight of stockings when full of treats to determine if a single fastener or sturdier device will be needed to hold the total weight. Some families use shelves with or without hooks to hang their stockings. Place lightweight ornaments, candles and other decor on top of the shelf to add seasonal interest. Split the weight of stockings between two shelves if one shelf will not hold the weight of all the goodies. With some wall shelves, you can use our weighted stocking holders the same way you would use them on a fireplace mantel. Stocking holders also work to hold Christmas stockings on bookcase shelves and the tops of hutches and cabinets.

A cleaner approach to hanging stockings is using rows of wall hooks alone to display the stockings. Hang a wreath or big snowflake above the hooks to make a charming stocking arrangement. You can also use individual hooks for each person or pet. Above each separate stocking hook, hang a photo of the person whose stocking hangs there, so they can find their treats on Christmas morning. A folding room screen or door can also hold stockings with over-the-door storage hooks. Wrap the hooks in ribbon, fur or tinsel to make them more festive. Stockings can also be hung in open doorways as long as they don't block access to tall people. Use a sturdy rope or string to hang stockings across the top of the doorway. Fasten stockings with heavy-duty clothespins or carpentry clamps.

Your home's windows are terrific places to hang stockings when space is tight. Use the string method mentioned above to hang stockings across the top of the window. If you have holiday draperies, the stockings accent the window treatment. Hang stockings on a ladder placed in front of a window or against a wall for another bright idea. Use your imagination to make use of old headboards, fireplace screens, curtain rods and other random furnishings to create your own original stocking stand. One idea is to use a pair of skis mounted horizontally on the wall and outfitted with hooks on the lowest ski. On the top ski, paint a seasonal sentiment or motif.

Stairs are another great place to hang stockings. Place stockings diagonally rising up with the banister or along the rising steps on the outside of a stairway. Use string lighting and garland wound around the banister to highlight the stockings and make a bright decorative arrangement. Use green, white or red ribbon to easily tie the stockings to the top or bottom of the stair railing.

A unique idea is to sit heavy stockings in a sturdier furnishing. Sensitive electronics and other stocking stuffers won't be at risk of damage from falling. Place the stockings in holiday-bedecked baskets, trunks or a red metal sleigh for support. Empty stockings keep their shape in this type of nonhanging arrangement when stuffed with tissue paper until Santa arrives to fill them with toys and treats.