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Transform the look of a room with carefully chosen lighting. Whether you want a bright light illuminating the room, a warm, soothing light to fill the room with a relaxed ambience or spotlights to enhance certain aspects of a room, all lighting options are available at west elm.

Create a soothing glow in a living area with a table lamp. Placed on a bookshelf or a coffee table next to the couch, the lamp gives off enough light for you to read a book or engage with family members without being under the harsh glare that brighter lights give off. This is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere so you can unwind in the evening. Choose the style to match the room’s decor. A decorative ceramic base has a cottage appeal whereas a brass pillar table lamp has an antique feel. For a minimalist room design, a sculpted glass or marble lamp base looks good while metal or faceted stone table lamps make a statement in modern surroundings. A task lamp allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it, which is ideal when working at a desk or for your nightstand in the bedroom.

Floor lamps are distinctive features in a room, creating a statement in their own right. Use a floor lamp to fill a particular space, such as a nook in the room’s design that is now a turned into a feature. Place a floor lamp so it highlights a specific part of the decor, such as some artwork. Arching floor lamps are perfect for placing behind or next to the couch so the light is positioned above you for reading or completing a crossword while you enjoy a warm drink. Direct the light to a specific position with an adjustable floor lamp, whether you’re sitting at the table, playing a game on the floor or curled up on the couch. A dimmer switch lets you control just how bright you want the light to be, from a cozy glow to a bright lamp that completely illuminates the surrounding area.

Add the wow factor to a room with a chandelier. A mobile chandelier with glass orbs perfectly complements a contemporary design while a staggered glass or linear dome chandelier gives your kitchen a designer edge. For a more traditional style, opt for an upturned chandelier. A tiered design has a softer appeal and the individual sections cast their own light when the chandelier sways gently in a breeze. Low hanging orbs above a dining room table create an intimate ambience while a single, decorative chandelier makes a statement in any room.

Illuminate a room with a stylish pendant. Whether you’re just looking for functionality or to enhance a room’s appeal, pendants are a must for attractive ceiling lighting. An artistic pendant immediately draws guests’ eyes to it and adds a whole new dimension to a room. Pendants grouped together at different heights add personality, particularly when colored designs are used. Match these to the style of the room and the decorations within it to pull the overall theme together. A single pendant is ideal for spot lighting over a kitchen countertop or when working in a home office. For a warm glow, an open weave design does the trick.

Add style to your living room, kitchen or hallway with a flushmount. For optimum light, choose a clear glass design or go for natural capiz shells for a softer tone and more decorative look. Be different and combine a flushmount with a trough chandelier. Adjust the hanging height to suit low or high ceilings. This clever design adds a modern industrial aspect to your decor.

A beautiful addition to any room is a wall sconce. This decorative lighting instantly changes a space, so match the style to create a unique look in your room. Shiny metal with a mirrored finish looks clean and fresh in a bathroom. An overarching wall sconce is perfectly placed above your armchair. A hanging globe sconce is welcoming in a porch and an adjustable sconce allows you to direct the light when you’re reading in bed or in the home office. For pure decoration, go for an unusual design, such as glass rings or zigzag layers of capiz shells, to add an artistic touch to your living room that has your guests in awe.

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