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Time is of the essence, which is why west elm is the perfect place to find an assortment of clocks and electronic accessories that cater to your needs in more ways than one. Thanks to the innovative advances of an ambitious team of designers, the traditional wall clock becomes a stylish piece of decor after receiving a contemporary metal and wood makeover. Gloss finishes and simple AA battery operation proves that stylish decor doesn’t have to be complicated. From cement wall clocks designed with a bit of industrial inspiration to traditional styles built to last, you’re free to choose the ideal clock to keep you on schedule.

For some people, that means taking the time off of the wall and placing it somewhere more accessible. Although there are many options available that won’t destroy the beautiful wallpaper you meticulously selected and delicately applied to the wall, some people prefer to avoid dealing with any type of hardware. These pieces of decor are simple to install but, in the event that you’re renting an apartment or leasing an event space, you may prefer a short-term display solution. A flexible selection organically blends in with your lifestyle. Let your personality shine! Still, it’s probably wise to place the cuckoo clock on shelves – just in case the rest of the family isn’t as thrilled over the idea of the new addition. Don’t worry, after a few good laughs at the lively bird when it shocks the room to pop out of its custom-made house, they’ll come around. Even better, adjustable volume settings and an interior light sensor makes it easy to control how cuckoo your new clock can get. Made from a diverse selection of materials in a rainbow of styles and finishes, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes as well as your needs.

For those practical spaces where cuckoo clocks aren’t allowed, try a standalone alarm clock. No more snoozing through the soothing alarm on your cell phone. The only thing that may work better than the set of dual overhead bells on the clock’s sturdy metal design is a real live rooster and, depending on your household, waking up to crowing at the crack of dawn may not be ideal. Instead, treat yourself to the crystal clear musings of a new wireless soundbar. Leading edge technology gives gamers, movie lovers and music enthusiasts alike the opportunity to enjoy their favorite pastime better than ever before. Strategically place your wireless speaker set in the entryway near your “set it five minutes fast so I won’t be late clock.” Easily controlled with an app, you can set your favorite song or turn on the game before you even pull into the driveway. Now that’s the perfect way to end a long day.

Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and wireless devices, these electronic accessories will motivate you to find time in your schedule to kick back, relax and enjoy your new toys. Thanks to Bluetooth, media storage and external connections like HDMI and SD cards, you can enjoy your media your way, whenever you want. There’s nothing wrong with rolling with society’s technological advances but, at times, a dose of nostalgia is just what the doctor ordered. Take a trip down memory lane while listening to your favorite vinyl records on a retro record player. You’d be surprised by how quickly time flies when listening to a few oldies but goodies. Classic designs receive a modern makeover and switch folding wireless speakers with the tangle-prone options of the past. Fold it closed and no one will even notice a music player is tucked away on a bookcase in your office. Additional upgrades like .mp3 attachments let you play mix master while converting vinyl into crisp audio files. Now your prized collection can be cherished forever.

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