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At west elm, we know that the lighting in your home is far more than just bulbs and fixtures. At the heart of your living space, that’s what lights up your rooms. However, floor lamps make a design statement all on their own. They have the ability to stand out as one of the most noticeable parts of any room in your house, particularly a living room, bedroom or dining room. Enhance your home decor with floor lamps that blend with the rest of the design, but also reveal something about your personal style as you capture the attention of friends and guests who visit you.

There are a seemingly endless array of styles to choose from so you can customize your home with beautiful lighting throughout. Whether you’re creating a sleek, sophisticated look, a classic, traditional space or a modern, trendy room, we have just the floor lamps you need to allow your interior illumination to match your design vision. Overarching floor lamps are a perfect choice for any living room, providing convenient spot lighting for casual reading, chatting or simply kicking back and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The gentle contours of the design add a simple elegance that makes it easy to relax while any finish, such as polished nickel, antique brass or metal, allows you to choose a style that matches your style preferences and existing room’s decor.

Globe floor lamps offer a modern take on the traditional lamp post, and they can literally round out any room. An industrial task floor lamp delivers a floor lamp version of the popular industrial task table lamp. It provides a warm glow and often has a swiveling, double-jointed arm that allows light to be directed wherever it’s needed. It’s a great option for reading or working from the couch or your favorite lounge chair.

An art deco floor lamp provides a symmetrical style that sheds new light on art deco designs – it can be subtle, yet sophisticated in appearance. For something completely out of the ordinary, try a tripod floor lamp that works like a task lamp with an adjustable shade that directs light where you want it.

Of course, any floor lamp with a natural linen shade is not a thing of the past – quite the contrary, in fact. This modern classic is alive and well, and the smart design allows overhead light to fill any room. Try one in a variety of finishes. Look for antique bronze, brass or polished nickel, to name just a few of the possibilities.

Your floor lamps likely also serve to spotlight your wall art. Framed images, art and anything else you decide to decorate your walls with will go well with your lighting, as both elements should enhance and complement one other. Illuminating the decor adds a beautiful touch to any room.

Many floor lamps are also adjustable, which is helpful when switching back and forth between daytime decoration and evening reading or just to switch things up a bit. This type of floor lamp adjusts in height to provide light wherever it’s needed most. At its highest point, it casts a warm glow evenly around the room, making it suitable for almost any activity. When it’s lower, it’s suitable for more direct task lighting, like reading.

In addition to your floor lamps, a patterned floor rug can be both functional and fashionable as a living room centerpiece, too. For those budding or even aspiring artists, studio floor lamps allow you to paint or create when you feel most inspired, whether that’s during the day or in the middle of the night – whenever inspiration strikes.

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