Let your lighting fixtures create a smooth clean look. Get in touch with your minimalist side and use a flushmount to take up the smallest amount of space possible while still giving you the lighting effects you’re looking for. Flushmounts do just that, they sit flush against the ceiling, taking up less space, so they’re ideal for smaller spaces and lower ceilings. There are also multiple ways for you to use them, and at west elm we have soft flushmounts that can add more illumination to your furnishings and decor. Convey light and decorum throughout your house in many different ways.

Dignity in your den. Don’t you love the look of a round flushmount shining down its soft light over the leather office chair? Place directly over the desk for brighter focused light. Or move the flushmount into the center of the room and pair with table lamps, floor lamps or sconces to encompass the whole room in light. Matching is key; use the lights to accentuate each other and not clash. You then have created a warm, homey atmosphere.

No space? Create more space! Use the slimness of flushmounts to generate the look of higher ceilings. They're great for hallways where you can place them down the length and provide lighting for all comings and goings. And spice up the hall by adding wall art. You won’t use up space and will add a pleasant touch. Keep creating more space by sticking to the same colors and themes. Spend time measuring; precision and order increases the feeling of depth and width. Measure and place the flushmounts the same distance from each other and each end of the hall. Hang art or other decorations at eye height with even spaces in-between. If placing hangings on each side of the wall, measure to be assured they hang equally opposite of each other.

Did you hear that flushmounts work great on lower ceilings? Of course you did. Use them on landings where you need light but don’t want to draw attention away from the chandelier on the stairway or from the lovely view out the windows. Create a landing escape by placing a love seat decorated with soft pillows and blankets. Use larger flushmounts for drawing more attention up and adding more decoration. Enclosed stairways can easily be lit with a flushmount, along with walk-in closets. Use plain flushmounts in those areas if you like.

Use flushmounts in your kitchen to bring in the daylight no matter the hour. With all the added light you can even use tablecloths as a part of the design. Try pairing bright tablecloths and towels with equally bright flushmounts of color. Want the lighting to blend it? Try using clear glass flushmounts. Smaller flushmounts can be evenly placed around the kitchen to provide, you guessed it, even lighting. Place flushmounts around the kitchen for light and pair with chandeliers or pendants over the table. Or mix it up by placing a large decorative flushmount over the table and scattering pendants around the kitchen.

Create an ambient glow in the bathroom by placing the flushmount over the tub or in the center. Tone up the soft safe feeling when you place the flushmount in the center by placing a plushy rug underneath it. The pleasant lighting and the cushiness underfoot leads to warm feelings all around. In large bathrooms consider placing multiple flushmounts or mixing and matching with other lights. Larger flushmounts can be used for center with smaller ones placed around. Task lighting can be added in by adding sconces or pendants around the mirrors.

Provide unbreakable and satisfying lighting for patios and porches. Whether you hang them over lounge furniture or dining sets, you can craft a comforting array to any gathering at any time of day. Give the look of added length to you porch by placing flushmounts down the whole ceiling. Sometimes more isn’t less, it’s more. Use a brighter more decorated light to draw attention to the center but then use flushmounts to create dimmer private alcoves. If your porch can be viewed from an inside living area by large windows and doors, blend the two rooms together by making sure the lighting coincides.

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