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What is a Flushmount?

Flushmount lighting fixtures get their name from the way they attach directly to – or “flush to” – the ceiling. When you want stable overhead lighting, a direct flushmount fixture is one way to go. Semi-flush lighting fixtures have a slight gap or air space between the lighting fixture and the ceiling but are generally more stable than lower-hanging chandeliers and pendant lamps. Direct flushmount fixtures are available in styles with metal bases and glass globes. Styles with drum shades, open bowl shapes and tiered shells are also available for more artistic tastes.


Flushmount lighting is ideal for use in rooms with low ceilings. Lower-hanging fixtures are riskier in shorter rooms and impede the view, while a flushmount fixture gives a more open feel. A semi-flush light also works well above a dining table, island or counter in a shorter dining room or kitchen where people won’t be walking directly underneath it. Semi-flush lighting fixtures are attractive and offer all the interest and contemporary appeal of chandeliers and modern pendant lamps, just in more compact configurations.


Flushmount fixtures offer terrific overhead illumination and go with nearly every style of decor. Choose new direct flushmount fixtures to freshen up and brighten closets, entryways, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. Depending on the bulbs you choose, the fixtures can offer plenty of light to find your way and your things, or they can add a darker, more romantic tone to the space.


Flushmounts work well in older homes without adequate lamp plugs and in spaces where you want ambient lighting. If you use the flushmount as the main source of illumination in a room, make sure the lamp gives off adequate lumens – the bulbs should provide at least 1,200 lumens or more to brighten the space. Rooms with ceilings that are 10' tall or higher will be more thoroughly lit by chandeliers or supplemental floor and table lamps. For task lighting at a desk or kitchen prep area, use a table or task lamp that’s placed closer to your workspace; the high flushmount offers more indirect illumination than you may require in order to see clearly.


Flushmount fixtures aren’t just for ceilings anymore. Select stunning flushmount wall sconces from us at west elm for a unique look over end tables, dressers and consoles. Choose matching flushmount wall sconces and ceiling fixtures to create a uniform look in a dining room or great room. Use coordinating wall and ceiling flushmounts that are slightly different from each other to create interest in a more minimalistic space. Sconces are wonderful additions to rooms with flushmount ceiling fixtures because you can place the sconces right at the spots where you need additional brightness for reading, studying, crafts and other activities without needing to set up table lamps.


To keep your elevated flushmount lighting clean, carefully dust the fixture with a feather duster or dry, soft cloth from time to time. To remove the dust, turn off the power to the lighting fixture. Unscrew or remove the shade as directed, being extra careful not to bang the shade into the fragile light bulbs in your fixture. Delicately empty the contents of the globe or bowl, then wipe the shade down as directed by the manufacturer. Most glass, shell and plastic shades can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and allowed to dry before you place them back on the ceiling or wall fixture. Metal, wood and fabric shades may require simple nonliquid-based cleaning methods you’ll find in the lamp’s product care guides.


Flushmount lighting is an ideal way to add a beautiful wash of brightness into a room where you want overhead or wall illumination. The most important thing to remember: choose a fixture you love, and it’ll look great in any space in your home.

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