Breeze in and add light here, there and anywhere. Decorate with the versatility of pendant lights while giving extra space to floors and table tops. Create a focused beam of light and thrilling moods with our collection of pendants at west elm. They are versatile, so you can place them in bedrooms, dining rooms, libraries, foyers and more. Choose any room in your home and enhance it with a pendant light.

Use a pendant light to bring a brilliant array of light into that hall. For tall ceilinged halls, hang the pendant low enough so the light can be seen. Try placing a console table in the hall as well to add more ornamentation. Decorate with your chosen frames, plants, trophies, flowers and knickknacks to create the mood. Multiple matching pendant lights can be used for long halls.

Make stairwells glow by adding pendant lighting. Create safe travel up and down while fashioning an artful display. Allow for plenty of headroom so no one has to duck when walking underneath the pendant light. Try using two pendants on stairs with sharp turns to increase lighting or place the pendant above the landing to light the halfway point. Pair with matching wall art to add more personality.

Add task lighting and awesomeness to your kitchen with pendant lights. Try installing them above the kitchen island, table, or sink. Multiple pendants of the same kind can be lined up above a table. For a unique look, hang them at different heights. Place large ones above the table and smaller matching pendant lights in areas that need extra lighting. Use this technique to tie the room together.

Experiment with height when hanging a pendant above a coffee table. You have no worries about anyone bumping his or her head here. Use the pendant as a centerpiece for a vivid appearance. Consider the color of the wall behind the pendant. Choosing contrasting colors will make the pendant pop out more.

Clear up space on that nightstand and hang a pendant light instead of using a normal table lamp. For functionality, use to illuminate your nighttime activities along with anything you place on the nightstand, such as books, alarm clocks, phones and all your essentials. Explore different possibilities here, such as hanging one on each side, one on one side or one at the foot of the bed. Use your imagination to create your own style and meet your lighting needs ate the same time.

Use pendant lights in the bathroom to form a classical untraditional look. Combine with a matching mirror for a dazzling effect and provide that focused light that is ideal for all users of the mirror. For example, you can hang the pendant to the side or right in front of the mirror. See which delivers the best illumination while staying out of the way of everyone's heads. In a bathroom with two sinks, increase the number of pendants. Prevent shattering by choosing a pendant that is resistant to dampness.

Shape your entryway into a clear area that welcomes everyone in with pendant lights. Using pendants can keep the lighting out of the way and give an airy feel by using ceiling space. Supplying the proper lighting can reduce problems with locating coats, keys or shoes. The entryway is the first thing a visitor sees, and this is where you will start the mood. Show off the grandeur of you home with decorative and sparkling pendant lights. Tone down the effect into more calm and warm by darker pendant lights that blend in well. To show off points of interest like a handsome piece of art or an amazing part of the architecture, place the pendants to shine their lights there.

Fix pendants in random dark areas to bring in the light. Turn dark corners in sitting rooms into cozy retreats and reading nooks by hanging pendant lights above chairs and ottomans. Anyone will be happy to relax there. Transform those play spaces into sunny lands with a pendant overhead.

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