Outdoor Umbrellas

Invite ample shade, privacy, style and conversation as part of your patio furniture setup with the collection of outdoor umbrellas we have available at west elm. Our outdoor umbrellas are resistant to ultraviolet light and water and will not fade over time, ensuring an appropriate design feature that is also functional. These umbrellas come in neutral colors, making them an ideal addition to any outdoor space whether your patio furniture is bold or elegantly understated. Protect your family and guests from harsh sunlight and rain with a colorful canopy that adds style to outdoor dining and entertaining. Make sure to select an umbrella that is the same shape as your table or furniture to provide complete protection from the elements.

Select one of our outdoor umbrellas to add to your existing furniture or make it the staple item for a complete redesign. Quality-crafted from solid hardwood, our umbrellas come in finishes including driftwood, weathered gray and auburn to complement your decor. Choose an umbrella shade in the shape you prefer (whether that’s rectangular, round or square) and pair it with your similarly shaped patio tables for a perfect match. Choose a patio table with a predesigned hole so you can slide your outdoor umbrella right in or simply adjust the umbrella and stand to provide the proper shade and coverage depending on the level of the sun or location of rain.

Our outdoor umbrellas offer functionality for any space, whether your backyard design is built in or portable. Our umbrellas are portable and versatile in that they can be moved to provide shade or protection from the elements. Place the outdoor umbrella above your lounge furniture to enjoy its benefits with lounging with guests or move it to your patio table for protection while enjoying meals. You can install the umbrella by using a sturdy iron base that you can move to keep it right where you need it. Constructed from matte iron, our umbrella bases add rustic design while safely and securely attaching your umbrella.

Create the ultimate outdoor space by adding pillows and cushions that pair well with our outdoor umbrellas. Choose black, blue, gray or white pillows and cushions to match the umbrella shade for a cohesive look or go for a bold style statement with vibrant hues that add a burst of color to your backyard design. Make large outdoor spaces seem more cozy with separated seating sections and add outdoor umbrellas to each for a cozy corner feel that invites intimate conversation.

Pair your outdoor umbrellas with other outdoor accessories to complete your backyard, and make it the ideal place for entertaining. Use our umbrellas to protect sensitive outdoor accessories including table speakers and fans to keep your guests entertained and cool. Attach fun accessories including lit decor to the top of the umbrella for a whimsical feel. String lights can help to delineate separate outdoor spaces when paired with umbrellas, making the appearance of individual table areas in large backyards. Add accessories like vases to your table tops and protect them with outdoor umbrellas, so you don’t have to worry about them filling with water or getting ruined.

Complement our outdoor umbrellas and protect and preserve your outdoor furniture even longer with furniture covers. Opt for an umbrella cover to protect your outdoor umbrella from the elements when it’s folded up and not in use. Constructed of 100 percent polyester, our covers also feature a thermoplastic backing that fits umbrellas of any shape. Our umbrella covers can also be used to protect outdoor umbrellas from dust and mites when you store them away during long winters. Our umbrellas are easy to take down in seconds so you can beat windstorms and sudden rainstorms by packing it up quickly and covering it with the rain cover.