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The Design Deals we offer at west elm let you add edgy, contemporary furnishings and decor items to every room of your home and office at a fantastic price without searching through sales. These are some of the items that are most popular with west elm customers, and adding them to your decor is such an easy way to add glamour and a retro-chic flair to your space. Whether you are looking for well-crafted bedroom furniture to versatile dining chairs, this collection offers a wide variety of designs to help you put together a polished room.


Make your bed one of the central focal points of your sleeping area with mid-century bedroom furniture. Stretch out at night in a luxurious bed with a classic midcentury and store your things in matching dressers. 

Carry the midcentury, industrial and retro-chic theme into the dining room with an expandable, drop leaf or tripod dining table. Invite family and friends to get comfortable in dining chairs to enjoy meals served up on stunning dinnerware sets that include matched plates, bowls and cups. Choose dinnerware in classic white, delicate pastels or bold patterns to match your decor, pairing pieces with the hues of a favorite painting, a pattern in your favorite rug or even the drapes. Store dishes and serving vessels in a buffet at the side of the room between meals for easy access at a moment’s notice.


Whether you work from a home office or you have an office that’s like a home away from home, the Design Deals Collection makes it easy to incorporate your eclectic style in your work setting. Position industrial modular or midcentury pieces around the perimeter of the office like shelving and a space-saving desk. Organize your files and folders in a lateral file cabinet or your desk drawers, and enjoy the beauty of your efficiently designed work space.


Tabletop and decor pieces add the sparkle and visual interest that completes the look of your home and makes everything come together beautifully. The tabletop collection includes almost everything you need to serve a beautiful meal, including dinnerware, serveware, and serving utensils