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Value Dining Room Furniture

The dining room plays an important role in your home. It’s where your family celebrates holidays and special meals and is a place where everyone can gather near the end of a long day to share some time together. Therefore, it has to have the right feel and look for your space. Value dining room furniture is both functional and decorative. Dining room tables and chairs can take on a primitive look with simple features or can be more contemporary with sleek lines and legs. Add a buffet table for a decorative piece that can store extra dishes and serving platters.

Set the dining room table with attractive dishes. Choose from the wide array of colors and patterns that we have at west elm. Solid, bold colors come in eye-catching colors like bright yellows or cheerful oranges. Subtle grays and blues are a nice touch if you prefer softer hues. Funky patterns are another option for eclectic decorating. The tabletop can have a classic design, festive or contemporary. Mix and match serving dishes and platters that hold the delicious food you prepared for your table guests.

Hang a pendant light or chandelier above your dining room table to suit the motif. The light serves a dual purpose of function and flair. You might also want an artsy table lamp for the buffet table for soft lighting when you aren’t at the table or for additional lighting when you need it. Wall sconces are another way to enhance lighting in a decorative way.

Place a rug beneath the dining room table in colors that complement the room. Muted grays and Earth tones blend into any room easily, or make a statement with a rug in bright colors or patterns. Some rugs are so detailed that they look like a work of art themselves. A retro shag is light on the feet and funky in shabby chic in design. Wool rugs add warmth and jute rugs exude a natural, textured appearance. A little fringe on the edge of some of the rugs creates a carefree, hippie-feeling finish.

Wall hangings pair well with rugs. They can be a macramé, quilt or wood design. Patterns might match the rug to coordinate or contrast for a creative approach. Consider a wooden map design that hangs on the wall. Geometric, wistful wall hangings made of ceramics and driftwood are reminiscent of dream catchers and make a terrific conversation piece. Stepping out of the box with a wall hanging can certainly set the tone of the room, table and conversations.