With its sunken cushions and worn out frame, it’s likely that your current couch provides a less-than-stellar sitting experience. If that’s the case, swap your old sofa for a comfort sofa from west elm. Regardless of your home’s decor, there is a style sure to look extraordinary in your space. If you want one of the most comfortable couches that provides a large number of seats, the Henry four-piece sectional is a smart selection. This classic couch comfortably seats six guests. Choose from a right and left configuration to adapt the couch to your living area. A hand-built frame lends years of durability to the sofa. The Walton sofa is a great fit for smaller living rooms. This comfortable piece contains five loose back cushions, enabling your guests to move and position the cushions for optimal comfort. Wide arms offer a terrific spot to rest the arms, paperwork or book. At the end of a long day, it may feel best to stretch out. Combine the comfort of a recliner with the look of a sofa with the Henry leather power recliner sofa. With the push of a button, the seat reclines. You can even customize the level it reclines to promote maximum relaxation. Both sides of this spacious couch recline. If your living room calls for a piece with a contemporary design, consider the Antwerp love seat. Flanged edges and sloping arms combine to create a trendy look that enhances any space. Bolster pillows rest on the sides of the couch to lend an extra layer of cushion to this chic piece.